Dad’s emergence

“C’mere son, fuckin lick ya brothaa!”

We stared each other down until we heard a ripping sound – it was his back muscles and his traps multiplying in size – busting through his shirt . He sneered “fuck kid that’s been happening all day and it feels SO FUCKIN GREAT!” He boomed.

“No, dad.” I stood strong in front of him, unafraid. “I’m not gonna lick you and we’re not gonna go there.”

We continue to stare – I was resolute on this and he immediately reacted.
“Aw FUCK then,” and reached into his pants and started to stroke himself. “Gotta get off son.” He unzipped and revealed a firehose of a cock and started whaling on it with his beefy paws. “Can’t wait gotta blow a load , GRRRRRR!”

It was at this moment I realized I have some authority over the guys I grow; they take my instruction, agree with me – but I also understand what they want, and let them GO FOR IT and enable them however I can. It’s a great synergy.

Dad started RAGING- fisting up and FLEXXING and gritting his teeth with wide blue eyes. He grinned at his new huge tough dick, and licking his lips he pawed at it and grunted “gotta FUCK, gotta…” Then suddenly And aggressively he swung his fist into a cinderblock we had in the lab for strength testing purposes – Dad fucking obliterated it – first by pounding it in half and then by grabbing it with both powerful hands and CRRRRRUSHHHHING it into dust, all while his god given dick throbbed and oozing precum with his infatuation over his newfound power. “Aw FUCK yeah man – gonna FUCK And gonna CRUSH shit!” And he grabbed his cock again with one hand and grabbed a football with the other and simultaneously squeezed ….the football caved under his power-vice hand until it popped and his other paw worked his beastly FUCKTOOL until it erupted with a HOWL and started shooting cum out with the force of a gun – with each squeeze of his paw he’d jet out a blast of jizz onto the floor. “Grrrrr-Yeeaaahhh” dad spread apart his thick legs and popped a magnificent double bi – still his dick spurted out his roided jizz – all his mega ejack collecting on the floor before him.

Some cum got on his fingers and he stared at It with fascination and thought – and he made up his mind and after a pause – sneered as he licked his fingers clean of his own jizz. He swallowed once, twice and smiled. “Never done this before kid,” he stared at me, “tastes great.” And he crouched like a catcher and with his beefy paw and finger ladled up more and more if his cum off the floor and hungrily sucked it down. In between he spoke: “My whole life every time I’ve jacked off or fucked a girl – even your mom – all I ever thought of was guys….BIG guys, guys GETTING BIG….the fuckjn HULK and dudes HULKIN OUT. Somewhere Man I have gigabytes of pics and vids of muscle dudes. Love em, always have and always will. He grinned “Now I’m one of em!”

But from my perspective there it was, put in front of me: when I was conceived, dad was thinking about huge muscle guys. Interesting.

He Laughed maniacally and stared at me again flexing his superior GUNZ – “wanna FUCK…and son, I wanna KILL.” and with thAt dAd sneered and pumped a most- muscular pose – showing off his hugeness and vascularity – his arm veins popping up like they had lives of their own. His shirt was now in tatters on his hulking upper body – and his calves and quads obliterated his pants except for the belted part at his waist and torso which had become chiseled marble. His obliques changed to steel girders supporting the bulk of his upper bod.

Yeah, he could kill alright…..

That’s when the thought occurred to me- what Dad would do next and how suddenly this all made sense. Without hesitation I went into action.

“Dad, stay right there,” and I ran to the lab door and called out “Warren come quick you must see this!”

Warren was my business partner in the app; he was the money guy and we initially had common goals for the app but as it became a reality Warren started drifting…wanting to use it commercially – even for movies (“Imagine Tom Cruise actually growing in a scene – Hollywood’ll pay millions!”)

No fucking way. This app was my idea, it’s my research and my science. It’s meant to help our country battle terrorists – it’s a defense. He’s not throwing money around and turning it into something commercial.

Warren cAme running into the room “What Jackson, what’s up! What….” And then he saw Dad. “Holeeeee shit – did he….” Warren looked at me with delight –

“Yep. The Roid setting”

“Wow it works!”

Dad sneered at me – I looked back at dad and we understood instantly what would happen next. Dad’s cock began to throb with anticipation and his entire body seemed to seethe with energy. He almost glowed as his lustful gaze shifted from me to Warren, his veins growing larger under his skin in order to pump more roided blood to his inhuman fuckjn muscles.

I just smirked, nodded at dad, locked the lab door, stood back and watched, admittedly with a bit of pride, as my dad moved to Warren.

before Warren could even react or ask for help or anything, dad had a huge fist gripping his neck and lifted the 200 lb Warren off the floor with ease. Dad’s forearm muscles flexed like the cables of a suspension bridge as he intermittently squeezed tighter and looser – allowing Warren to breathe at times and choking off his air at others. Dad relished this – his eyes brightened when he realized my only could he HOIST a man so effortlessly and hold him in mid air, but then so easily control his life and death – THIS is what dad had all along wanted.

Warrens legs were kicking wildly for some traction, his hands trying feebly to pry dads fist off his neck – he gurgled and gutterally choked out “Please Jax help” but I wasn’t listening. I was too transfixed by dad’s biceps as they writhed with power and GREW INTO INHIMAN PEAKS as dads left side FLEXXXXED And his right side worked on his prey.

Dad looked at me: “son” he huffed. “Is this the fucktard who wants ya to make this app for actors and not for national security?”

“Yup” I offered without hesitation .

Dad grinned evilly at Warren “let me show ya what this app can do fucka and then you decide should it go to pussyboys or should it go to the militAry!”

And with that, dad began to beat up Warren and drive the point home. First, he just took the guy by the choke hold he had and flipped him over his head four times in rapid succession – each time Warren hit the ground there was a heavy thud followed by the crackle of bones. This sound only charged dad up even more and after the fourth slam dad let go of warrens neck. Warren heaved up for air, sucking in the precious oxygen before dad began to simply pummel him with his now massive fists. Dad now alternately lectured to and then pounded the life out of Warren.

Dad: you fuckin -SLAM – scumshit thinking you can boss my kid around – SLAM – just cuz you got money – SLAM – fuck you ya fuckin fuck! – SLAM !!

Warren was screaming in a agony now that dad had released his chokehold – but this only pissed dad off more. “Fuckin Jax!” Dad hollered “this retard is screaming like A girl. Any ideas to shut her up”‘ He looked at me with a glint in his bright blue eyes.

Easy. I tossed dad a roll of duct tape.

Before long dad had Warren pinned to the floor with his super powerful quads and was taping warrens mouth shut – by wrapping the tape all around warrens head. It was awesome to see dad’s hands and arms work as he held and taped the head into silence.

Then dad went into his true ROID RAGE mode – he started by hammer punching warrens back sides and abs – hitting him so brutally hard dad left huge welts with each blow – the welts turned to bruises with evidence of plenty of internal bleeding. The swiftness and brutality of each punch – some uppercuts, some dead-on hits – was fierce and unrelenting. It’s like dad was taking out all his life frustrations on warren. A final punch and we all heard a CRACK! Dad stopped and smiled evilly “FUCK YEAH I FUCKN BROKE A BONE!” He grinned an licked his lips “GONNA BREAK MORE!”

With eyes as wide as a kid on Christmas morning, dad gleefully grabbed warrens arm with both his massive paws and slowly BENNNNNT the arm backward at the elbow until CRRRRACKKK again went the bone. “YYEEEEHAW THATS SO SWEET! Did ya HEAR THAT SON!?!”

He huffed a laugh, “HEH GONNA BREAK EM ALL!”

Dad kneeled down to warrens quivering pain wracked body and studied it a moment. His smile widened as he got an idea. He felt up and down the sternum and the chest – and then went to WORK.
By simply pressing in with his massive awesome thumb into warrens rib cage – he cracked the rib from the sternum and then cracked the rib apart – one by one SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! And so on until they were all busted up – after each Warren screamed under his muffled tape but by the last rib crack, the screams had reduced to whimpers.

Warren raised his good arm in a lame attempt to stop him, and all sad did, so simply and easily, was grab the hand in his own beefy mitt and squeeze mercilessly until warrens hand and wrist simply shattered into paste inside dad’s awesome paw. Dad ground the finger boned up even more and looked at me “THE FEELING OF THE BONES BREAKIN IN MY FUCKIN HAND …. FUCK YESSSS MAN ITS AWESOME !”

Warren emitted a sound but it was not recognizeable. Dad looked at him a moment then back at me – “WANT YA TO FEEL IT TOO SON, TIIME TO FINISH THIS DEUCHEBAG OFF.” And he got up and grabbed the neck again and held the body aloft as he did when he started. But this time Warren had no response – he simply dangled as dad held his neck with one hand.

“SON, put your hands around mine – I want ya to FEEL this!” Dad commanded and lowered his arm for me so I complied – I wrapped both my hands around dad’s single paw , I could feel his paw hairs against my skin and could feel his roided power surging down his arms and into that hand as he began to squeeze.

Dad slowly compressed his superhuman paw into the neck and suddenly I heard it AND felt it – POP POP POP POPLLLCCRRAAACKK!

Dad sneered, Warren flailed in a spasm, and I felt with dad all his neck bones shatter into paste then felt as dad GROUND up the neck and the tissues and spinal cord into a worthless paste. The head dropped over and that was the end of Warren.

I stepped back and realized I had a boner raging in my pants – and saw that dad had the same – his dick steely hard and poking upward oozing more pre cum. As he held warrens lifeless body still with his one paw, he JACKED his dick with the other until it SURGED with jizz – sloppy white syrup raining all over – a hot load of it hit me in the face. Dad didn’t care he was elated “IM A KILLA NOW FUCK YEAHHHH!”

And with that he tossed warrens body across the room wih such force it hit the wall and bounced off it and landed atop a table with all my research – warrens deAd eyes staring down at my years of work and study.

Dad saw my boner and smiled – “GLAD YOU LIKED THAT SON. But you’re right,” he looked at my crotch “that’s not for me.” Just then someone kicked open the locked door to the lab.

“What’s going on in here?! Jackson are you OK ?”

It was Leo our security guard. Leo’s a retired cop who could not leave the business of protecting people so he signed up to guard our lab. He’s a big lug about the same age as dad – and equally as handsome.

He looked around and saw the damage and the body and the his eyed rested on DAD.

Dad took one look at Leo and sniffed, “SUP, PARTNER!?” Dad grabbed the app made sure it was set to ROID RAGE and aimed it at Leo.

Leo got HUGE. And to make a long story short – is messing with Dad in South America somewhere – where they allow vigilante type action and where they are both happy as can be. Last I heard they were in a town called Ushuia – the southernmost city in the world.

As for me the rest is history. I got full control over the app; I sold it to the government years ago and since then we have not been messed with by any terrorists. Out there somewhere there’s a posse of superhuman army and marine thugs who keep our country and allies safe. God bless them.

And as part of the sale to Uncle Sam, I get to keep my app and use it at my own discretion – creating my own team of THUGS. I grow em big and strong and many times use the GIANT settings – I can now adjust the height level. And So long as any GIANTS are kept out of the US I am cleared to use this as I wish. No problem….it’s a BIG world. And it’s all about the dudes.

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