Drew, Drew. Wow man.

After I met up with the Hockey dude Dustin, and his Hockey bud Drew… I couldn’t sleep; couldn’t’ stop thinkin about Drew. At the bar, we stared each-other down, and I swear he has the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen. And he’s got such a lust for power that I can’t even predict what type of THUG he’d be if I turned the app on him. Something’s tugging me, he’s in my head in a major way.

At dawn the next day I went to his house in Brentwood. He wasn’t there, no one home but the dog.

So I sat on a stoop and waited until he came jogging in – wearing an LA KINGS sleeveless T and a pair of basketball shorts. He was wearing a pair of high top kicks kinda like mine. He was not surprised to see me. “Figured you’d get here. Come on in.” He smiled and opened the door, pushed back the dog and we sat and had a protein shake. His home gym was in the next room, I was looking at it through the door. “Today’s chest and shoulder day, wanna join me Jax?”

“Fuck sure, Drew. That would be awesome.” So we worked out together and he pressed the iron like a maniac, as I thought he would. He’s known for his aggressiveness on the ice, and his high penalty minutes and it reflected in his approach to the weights. But it pays off, ya can tell big time.

Watching him work out, I could imagine his arms gettin stronger, and along with his beefy steady paws, he will be more able to conjoin with the stick and become a weapon of offensive shooting power. His shoulders lifting military presses and dumbbell side lifts, and shrugs – getting more tough and durable so they could POP and CRUSH an opposing player into the boards. His calves and quads, those hairy beasts of his, getting a work out too on the leg press and squat machine – getting superstrong as he turns them into the pistons that will drive him at awesome speeds across the ice a billion times over the next season.

We finished and he was Thugged out man, swole as can be for 220 offseason. He took off his shirt and wiped his handsome, scruffy face with it. Offered it to me as a towel, and I took it and wiped my face with it too – and breathed deeeep as I did so. He smiled at me, he was boned.

“Can’t talk about it, okay? It’s in my contract.”

I nodded. And less than five minutes later I was munching the turf of the man voted 2nd best player in the NHL during the 2013-14 season. Yeaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Drew Doughty. Defenseman for the Los Angeles Kings. Wants to join his friend Dustin and some other teammates and change his body, and his head forever. Difference between him and the rest: He wants to become a monster.

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