Mini camp orientation – the A Line

Back at Mohave’s, the bar in Adelante where I first met Dustin. The A Line was summoned to meet there at 7pm for an ‘orientation mini camp.”

A liners are: Dustin Brown, team captain and, so we ‘re all clear, the dude who came up with the whole idea. Drew Doughty – budding NHL superstar. Alec Martinez – time to gas it up AMART. Slav Voynov, the Russian genius. And finally bulging red headed thug Matt Greene.

“A line” is just the project name as these dudes would never be skating together in a real game. No these “As” were selected by me as the leaders who would get a head start on the THUG app – learning what it feels like, handling the first day after the change, how to control it afterward. They would then work with the entire team during full training camp.

At the bar, Before boarding the 2 large black SUVs that would take us to our practice location in the desert, we made our final deal. I out it all out there:

Okay dudes so as we’ve talked about – I’m gonna turn you guys and your team into hockey powerhouses. You’re gonna be a little taller but a lot bigger, and a lot stronger; you’re gonna be resistant to injury, and if ya get injured you’re gonna heal a lot faster.

“Fuck yeah!” Shouted Matt, “Dude I just hope I still bleed!”

I smiled, and nodded, You’ll bleed big guy. But you’re gonna be a LOT stronger SO you gotta learn how to skate and how to play hockey again as superstrong brutes. You’re gonna have ta learn to NOT CRUSH your opponents TO DEATH – but simply overplay them and overmatch them until you WIN. This will take some training and that will start now. Ya Hear me?

“YEAH!” The group affirmed. Alec pumped a fist and I noticed he was BONED. I looked over to Drew. He smiled at me under his thick offseason beard and winked. Yup he was BONED too, heh.

Some other details: the growth app will be in your hockey gloves, so you will be most impacted when you practice and before, during and after games. By the end of the season the effects will eventually build up and you’ll be permanently changed – I’m not sure yet how. The app will go un-noticed by league drug testing. And speaking of the league, I’m also gonna pump up another NHL team in the East.

Grumbling form Matt, Slav and Alec.

The captain, Dustin jumped in: “Dudes, the Cup Finals are gonna be EPIC. We’ll be better anyway. We’ll EARN it again.”

I finished the terms and conditions:

Aside from the team, the only people who will know about this is Me, Your Coach, Your new Team Physician, The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, The President and the Vice President of the United States, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“OooooOOOOOooooo.” Matt, Slav and Alec chorused.

Please remember this app is a part of our national security. This little season long exercise is just for fun. Heh. OUR fun boys. BUT: Anybody else finds out, it’s end of your season and career. Got it?

“Uhhuhhuh.” The all chorused this time. They knew the score.

We boarded the SUVs for The Yard. Located about 25 miles east into the depths of the Mojave desert – For over 50 years it’s been a graveyard for retired commercial airliners – so it’s 100 acres of dead 707s through 747s, and a few Airbuses thrown in. Amidst that acreage, a new Ice Rink is nearly complete – which will serve as training ground zero for the team. Science, man. An ice rink in the desert. Turning normal jocks into FREAKY superstuds. Yeah, all this NEEDS to happen away from the spotlight down in the valley.

An hour later the 5 guys were standing in a circle outside the rink , among the decaying aircraft hulks, in the desert night. The area was Illuminated by large spotlights, they were dressed in just black knee length basketball shorts, black UA hightop kicks and black UA tanks. Me, the Director, and Coach Sutter observed as the testing began. I gave em each the glove of their shooting hand, their “power hand” as Drew calls it.

Go ahead boys, you wanted it – you got it. Put ’em on.

And they did. They hungrily stabbed their hands Into their gloves. And they changed, aw man did they ever change.

Their bodies thickened and got swole with 12 new pounds of muscle each- just under the weight limit for a player to gain without notice from the league. But their muscles took the programming from the app and got DENSE and TOUGH with strength, and they became hyper vascular so their bodies could churn the power through their blood and into their bones, cartilage and sinew – and muscle. The app effected other things like their senses, and their brains. In all of them ithe app definately effected their ATTITUDES. No more cushy rich pro jocks – these dudes have become primal, beastial THUGS – and training them NOT TO KILL will be the biggest challenge in training camp!

It was awesome watching them change. Watching Dustin clench his fists and smirk at his newfound power; seeing Slav sneer at his hyper developed legs, stompin those UA Kicks and crackin the pavement with ’em. Alec’s newly grown cannonball delts and his GUNZ had become perfect weapons and he grinned in approval. When Matt was changing he went over to a cement wall, butted his forehead into it – and cut himself pretty bad. He allowed his blood to drip over his face like so many times on the ice. He instinctively reached up with his ungloved paw, scooped up his own blood and sucked it down – causing him to fly into a RAGE, his long red hair flying about like an animal. “Yeahhhh blood man, YEAHHH!” He growled. And Drew – made a nice power display by ripping off his shirt and then he just went to work testing his newfound strength – lifting hulks of airplanes and other metal junk in the yard. Man his hairy upper bod was so hot already but to watch it WORK as it HEAVED hunks of metal around was sweet.

When they were done changing they were all shirtless, their legs bulging in their shorts and UA kicks, their enhanced bodies glistening with sweat under the bright lights. All still wearing their gloves and all ready to BREAK OUT.

That’s the next step in the process – the “animal phase” – the first 12 hours after the change when the dude GOES NUTS in his infatuation with his newfound power. It happens to All the dudes I grow and thIs A Line is gonna be no exception.

(to be continued)

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