Biker Power

Man ever since he grew last week in mini camp, Drew’s been ANIMAL in bed (or in car, or on kitchen floor or on his home gym….heh). Man, gettin fucked by a superstrong pro hockey player – I’m fuckin livin the dream bro!

The other nite as I was rinsing his jizz out of my beard he asked me: “jax I gotta biker buddy and it would be great to see him grow like me and the guys … How bout we treat his leather biker gloves with the app like you did our hockey gloves and then watch him get big!”

Sure Drew , anything for you man.

So the next day I met Brian. A blond biker with a slender bod with some bottled up anger. He was wearing his leather gear and his awesome biker boots – hanging out smokin a bone on a park bench. Drew introduced us and we went to Brian’s apartment on Sunset.

Drew said Brian was a practical joker so he wanted the growth to be a surprise. So Drew bought him brand new black leather biker gear and I nailed both gloves with the app setting I used for the team.

“Here ya go Bri, happy early birthday”

Brian was wide eyed at his new gear – thanking Drew up and down as he slid on the leather pants, leather mesh jacket and stepped into the awesome mid calf high thick soled kicks . Drew also got him a knit black ski mask – thinking the look would be hot, and it was when he slipped it on over his scruffy hair and face. All that showed of his body now was his bright blue eyes and his beefy paws.

Drew handed him the gloves and smirked, “here bro. Here’s to a new life.”

The statement went over Brian’s head as he took the gloves. He stared at them and held up his left hand and slowly, deliberately eased it into the glove – as his fingers fitted in he clenched his fist. The leather made that squirchy sound as he coiled his fist and it’s all you could hear in the room. He did the same with his right hand – this time holding the glove up to his masked face as he coiled his fist .

“Feels great man ,” Brian whispered. “Feels…..unghhhhh!”

Suddenly Brian bent over grunting out “unghh burning! My hands are burning!” He looked up at Drew who was grinning widely, “Drew what’d ya do?” And he tried to yank the gloves off but they would not detach from his hands. “The burning! I can’t get em off! Fuck man Drew what the FUCKKKKKK!” And on fuck, the effects of the app kicked in. Big time.

Brian breathed in a huge gulp of air and FLEXXXED his arms, “whoa FUCK what was THAT” and he flexed again. “Aw Fuck YEAH the burning’s stopped and man I feel like , I dunno, I feel like I’m surging with POWER!” He gripped his fists over and over and flexed into a most muscular and the turned to the brick wall behind him. “Feelin awesome man, feelin aggressive like I wanna PUNCH somethin!”

So he coiled his fist and WHALED On the brick wall – his first blow did nothing but his next few caused the bricks to CRRACCK and crumble , the mortar flying into the air in little chunks. He continued to strike the wall , each time with increased ferocity and with more DAMAGING results. Brian grunted out with each blow: “FUCK YEAH…..FEELIN IT FEELIN STRONG MAN….FUCKIN BRICKS ARE NUTHIN SHIT….SWEET!” As the bricks loosened they fell, and in a frenzy Brian began to YANK and PULL them out – exposing the outside from his 2nd floor loft. “YAHHH!” He screamed in ecstasy as the bricks came tumblin down, “THIS IS INCREDIBLE DREW I FEEL LINE IM FUCKIN INVINCIBLE!”

Brian turned back to us and grabbed his head with his gloves – as he did this I could see his arms had grown thicker and were starting to bulge into his leather jacket causing the leather to bulge and expand with his growing body. Grabbing his head he groaned “Aw Drew what the FUCK man are ya getting me back for that ice Octopus last season…..unghhhhhh! My head! Now my heads burnin…” He tried to take off the mask but it would not budge. It was stuck to his head – which was odd to me cuz I didn’t do the app on the mask. “Can’t get off the mask, my HAIR! It feels like it’s burning or melting awwwww fuuuuckkk!” And we all smelled it – burning hair – yet no fire, no smoke. Weird!

“Head feels ok now, ” Brian reported. He tried to pry the mask off his face but it remained stick there – still revealing his …. Yellow eyes! Not blue now but yellow – what is happening to him, what is the app doing, I’ve never seen this before! There must be some irregularity…..something unforeseen interfering with normal ops!

Then an inhuman growl took over – I looked back at Brian and observed something I have not seen in all the uses of the app. It was truly an awesome but unpredicted result. As Brian growled his moans and guttural cries of ecstasy – his body GREW and his muscled EXPANDED and began to pushhhhh his leather out out and stretch it to it’s maximum…it was incredible actually – witnessing the creation of something new- his skin. FUSED with his leather and the mask. His muscles GREW and GREW and SURGED WITH POWER until he looked literally like a MUSCLETHUG wrapped in tight leather. More amazing, his eyes went from their original blue , to keen yellow and then, as he FLEXXXXXED his newly AMAZING biceps he stated at us through the eyeholes if his mask and we saw his eyes turn from yellow to bright blood RED.

“Fuck ya!” Drew hollered. “Bri – you’re turning into a leather monster – a biker powerman- a – a BIKEMONSTER!”

Leave it to Drew to coin the phrase. This would become a very popular term in the biker crowd over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime. Brian continued to GROW – and with wild abandon he flexed and stretched and pumped his gloved fists – all while yelling out things like “changin – I’m CHANGIN! Becoming something Bigger, Stronger” (and to emphasize his point he picked up a brick and crushed it in one hand). “And I’m like EXPLODING WITH POWER! Drew ya gotta feel this! “. And he FLEXXED his right arm and man his BICEP just ERUPTED UP UP UP Abd pushed the leather to it’s max – you could see his muscular stirations and popping veins in awesome relief under his new leather skin.

“Aw man I’m feeling it More – it’s like a fuckin RUSH OF POWER flooding into me – my arms man, my fuckin COCK! Yeahh man it’s WILD – fuckin RAW WILD POWER!”

Brian was not just surging with power, he was surging with ANIMAL VENGEANCE and a newfound lust for destruction.


Well, there’s the monster .

With that , Brian LEAPED out the gaping hole of his loft and landed with perfect balance on the parking lot below. Me and Drew simply watched helplessly as the next events occurred.

Brian’s asshole neighbors drove into the parking lot – they were the Harley Davidson types who were constantly loud and disrespectful to Brian, one day even referring to him as a fag-biker-leather-slut. Well this hurt! And Brian did not forget. As Brian LEAPED from his second story lift to the ground he spotted their car drive in. He landed with a THUD on the asphalt – directly in front of the moving car. The car screeched to a dead halt in front of what was now a 300lb 6’2″ black leather hulk flexing a double bi and shouting out “you asswipes are SO FUCKED!”

Not hesitating a moment he quickly KICKED in the passenger door, preventing it from opening…then he LEAPED over the car and did the same to the drivers door. The occupants were now frantically trying to escape but were trapped in the car. The BIKEMONSTER cooly stood with legs askew and studied the car a moment before grabbing the roof of the car and clenching his fists into it from the drivers window – and with one single VICIOUS YANK tore the roof off the front of then car and peeled it back – revealing the two assholes. Quickly Brian then reached in and grabbed each one of them by the neck and HOISTED then up up so he could look at them in the eyes.

“You fucktards SUCK. And now ya GONNA PAY.” And then with a quick and powerful VICE LIKE CRUSH his leather gloved paws squeezed the life out of the pair with a simultaneous CRACK! He stared at their dead heads a moment as they bobbed in his fists – and the HEAVED THE bodies mercilessly toward the trash bin – both bodies hitting the steel hulk with a clang and thud.

“Fuckin KILLA! I’m a fuckin KILLA!”

Brian leaped in the air pumping his fists and he clearly had a RAGING BONER. Now he was gonna celebrate. So he went to the bodies, yanked his newly super masculine cock out from the front zipper of his suit and JACKED LIKE AN ANIMAL until he shot his load on the corpses. “AWWWW GRRRRR!” He growled in ecstasy as he climaxed – shooting his jizz like a firehose. He looked up to me and Drew as if for approval.

From our perch back in his apartment me and Drew raised our fists in support of our buddy who was now off to cause more trouble in town – maybe clean up that problem with all those nasty Harley bikers. They ruin it for all bikers, the arrogant fuckkas.

Next day – the effects wore off mostly. Brian had shrunk back to about 230 – but still had a net gain of 40 pounds of muscle. His suit came off – he having out stretched it….but Drew got him another to fit his newly bulked up frame. He still liked to get high and hang out with his biker buds – me and drew included. And we had the run of the streets now. Cool!

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