Dudes interrupted

Ty and Stew met a few years back at a construction site. Ty was a welder and Stew a crane operator, and both, at 6’ 3”, and over 240 lbs of burly muscle each, were easily the biggest guys on the site. The both had similar styles: bearded, tatted powerlifters with a cool, distant attitude with any guys who were smaller, more insignificant. Which is pretty much all the guys they meet. They fucked chicks at the time – more as trophies than anything. And they both loved their own rank – their own combination of smells at the end of a long day workin. To both it was the ultimate turn on. So they attracted to each other right away, and after a couple of beers and ‘gars after work one night in a local motel, Stew found himself inhaling Ty’s crotch, which led to sniffing Ty’s dick up close and, fuck yeah wham! – sucking Ty’s dick (any dick) for the first time. After only seconds, without barely even trying, Ty shot a huge load of jizz into Stew’s mouth, which Stew instinctively gulped down, savoring the taste and the smell, and the sudden sense of power he felt as Ty’s DNA raced through his body, attaching to him, making him a better MAN. A few moments later the roles were reversed, and Stew was blowin a load into Ty – swapping his DNA back – completing the most intimate power swap possible between 2 dudes. They also discovered each other’s lust for muscle and RANK, and between flexin and chowin down each other’s sweat, shit and piss – they realized they didn’t NEED anyone else. The night was awesome, and after they dropped the chicks, and got even bigger, gaining 15 pounds and counting of pure muscle, workin out together. The pair would meet up and fuck like this for years ahead whenever they worked at the same site. Always discreet. And always ending in a FLEX OFF or some kinda strength competition between the two.

Tonight would be no different. Stew was on site already in the day when he saw Ty drive in with his black F150 Turbo. Due to fucked up scheduling, it had been a few weeks since they met up – and when they spotted eachother, instant fuckin BONERs on both. Usually discreet, and careful about their encounters, this time they needed immediate gratification – so they ducked behind a dumpster far off from the site activity for a quick one. Stew already had Ty’s dick in his mouth, hungrily sucking while Ty was pounding his face – when they heard “HEY! What the FUCK are ya DOING?” They both stopped and turned to the voice, seething with anger that they were interrupted.

It was the new site manager, some guy named WhatTheFuck – who found them. They quickly recovered , and belted up while the guy approached them. “You guys are FIRED. None of this shit on this site, you know the rules. Fuckin FAGS, get the FUCK OFF THE PROPERTY NOW!”

The looked at eachother in this moment. They both thought, as if in mental connection with eachother: “Fags? What did you just call us you fuckkn useless piece of shit; you fuckin puny assed, worthless human fucktard. Fags? Ya wanna see Fags in action bro?” And they grinned.

Stew said in mock obedience: “OK boss, whadever ya say, we’ll be going now…”

Added Ty: “Yeah, sorry man. We’ll just get on our way…”

And as they walked past the guy in false resignation of their fate – they both eyed each other, they knew what they had to do, and do it together. They had never done it before, but fuck all. No conversation needed on this one. They both had lives, they both needed money, they liked their privacy, and also really needed to FUCK. They had a perfect thing going and this asswipe was NOT getting in the way of any of that. So tonight would be different. Suddenly and with awesome ferocity, both Stew and Ty simultaneously POUNCED on the asswipe with their fists – knocking the guy out cold. They bound him up with duct tape and also taped his mouth and stuck him in the dumpster, for later.

That night they retrieved the asshole and dumped him in the back of the 150 and drove to the old railyard, outside of town. All on instinct, and based on their mutual latent lust for violence – Ty and Stew got to work.

Stew hauled the punk out of the truck bed and tossed him to the ground, he was groanin and howlin beneath the tape – the only sound you could hear. They both stood over him, wearing their construction boots, faded jeans and flannels with the sleeves ripped off. They were flexing their gunz, and hyper aware of eachother’s hardons as they smirked at their prey.

Stew said: “So Ty I googled our new friend here. Guess what, it turns out he’s a fuckin pedophile – he’s on the town known predators list for messing with little girls. Whadaya make of that bro?”

Ty’s handsome face turned dark, he stared down at the punk, “Fukin dirtbag,” he spat at him. He looked up evilly at his buddy: “Dude, we’re gonna waste the fucker right? So let’s have some fun with him first bro. Wanna make him feel some PAIN man! Fuckin Perv.”

“Fuck yeah!” Stew yelped as he lifted the punk off the ground and held him, “Here bro, I got him tight, let ‘im have it!”

And Ty released an aggression he never knew he had – whaling on the punks face with both fists, ONE TWO ONE TWO over and over until the face was red, the mouth bleeding from under the tape, and the guy screaming bloody murder.

“Your turn, bro” Ty grabbed the punk from Stew and held him up.

Stew seized the moment, spread his legs apart, and wound up his left arm and full throttle fisted the fucktard dead center on the face, squashing the nose into a bloody pulp. Suddenly blood was everywhere, splattered all over them. Both of them loved that. “Check that out bro,” Stew admired his handwork, “fuckin love the blood bro, makes me hard bro!”

“Yeahh, me too bud. Stew nail ‘im again bro. Keep hammerin’ him!”

And he did. With the same newfound lust for violence as his buddy, Stew punched the face like with the force of a sledgehammer – until the tape got loose and the guy was screaming freely. The screams excited both of them, but they knew it was not a good thing, all this noise.

Ty said, “I saw a vid once, how ya can shut up a fuck like this.”

Stew curled up his lip in an evil grin at Ty: “Yeah bro, how? Show me bro.”

In one smooth, deliberate move, Ty tossed the fucker to the ground, kneeled down, rolled the guy face up and took his left paw, held it like a blade and CHOPPED at the guys throat, his arm muscles FLEXING mightily as he did so, shattering his adams apple. The guy writhed but sure enough, the screaming sound stopped. Still kneeling, fisting up the hand that did the chopping, Ty looked up at Stew as if for approval.

“Fuck yeah it works! Fuck yeah!” they high-fived as Stew stepped on the guys throat with his boot pressing with just enough pressure to make it hard for the guy to breathe. The guy was writhing in pain, which the duo realized REALLY TURNED THEM ON.

Stew stood back up and they both looked down on the punk. “Dude I got an idea, ya feelin STRONG bro?”

Ty’s eyes got big and bright and he popped a massive double bi at his buddy. “FUCK YEAH bro! Whadda ya got in mind for the scumshit?”

Stew hoisted the writhing fucker back up, and tossed him to his buddy, “Here hold him up real tight to ya. Ya know how we like to watch Hockey bro? “

Ty grinned, he instantly knew what was coming, the asswipe was making hushed gurgling sounds desperately trying to resist. “Yeah bro I love hockey. Cant wait for the new season to start man.”

“Well bro let’s give it a head start – gonna CHECK THIS GUY INTO YA!” Ty held the fucker tightly, facing outward from him, so he could see the locomotive that was Stew. “Yeah STEW! Go baby go, nail the fucker and don worry about me, I’ll handle ya!”

Stew stood back 20 feet and then started charging at the pair- the punk made some horse shrieking sound as Ty held him even tighter, bracing for the impact – andddddd…….


Stew shouldered into the fucktard with such force and such ferocity, and Ty held his ground like a cement wall – and the result was an awesome sound of flesh squishing and bones crunching all at once. And both felt the bones shatter in the punks body – his ribs, his spine, his hips. And blood erupted from all over, as the broken bones broke through the skin. It was a feeling neither would ever forget – and one they would repeat often in the future. It got them INHUMANLY BONED.

The punks body dropped to the ground between them as they stood there, smiling at eachother in accomplishment. Stew ripped his shirt open and shrieked out “Fuck yessssss bro that was INCREDIBLE!”

Ty followed suit, tore his shirt open and flexed at Stew, “Man we gotta fuck this fucktard before we finish ‘im off!” He unzipped his jeans and let his python cock out, rubbin it with his meaty paw, staring down at their prey.

Stew did the same and both dudes stood there grinning a moment, savoring the scene.

Ty growled “Gonna FIST the fucker good. But first man go ahead fuck ‘im. Get ‘im wide for me bro.”

Stew lost no time, he pulled out his switchblade and cut the guys pants off and in no time, had the guy’s virgin hole as a bullseye for his raging precum dripping cock. Stew JABBED his dick into the fucktard’s pussy with a vengeance, and thrust it in all at one time – and immediately felt the body CLENCH onto his raging dick like a warm wet pipe. “Aw YEAHHH!” He moaned as he bucked and fucked and fucked more until the punk was ground into a heap on the ground. He pulled out before jizzing, and the asswipe’s shit was chunked up on his dick, so he used it as lube and stroked his dick a while, hootin and hollerin, and then SHOVED THE dick back in the hole for more.


As he fucked more, Stew grabbed and raised the pussy’s legs by the knees and without realizing it, squeeeeezed so hard in his ecstacy from his mega man ejack blowing out his dick-cannon, that his paws crushed the kneecaps, bone, cartilage and all. Elated at his own strength to crush bone, and over the top orgasmic as his cock spewed his cream into the fucktard’s hole – Stew screamed out “JESUS FUCKKKKIN CHRIST WHADDA FUCCKKKIN RUSH, WHADDDA FUCKIN SUPER FUCKIING RUSH ITS LIKE FUCKIN RAW POWER!”

Ty just stood there and laughed, and clapped as Stew dismounted. Ty glanced down at Stews still raging dick, dripping with cum, blood and shi. “Dude, would ya mind?” and Licked his lips.

Stew smiled at his best bud: “Go for it bro,” and pointed his messy missle at Ty’s face as he kneeled down in front of him, the asswipe’s body twitching and convulsing next to them. Ty clamped his mouth down on the awesome pole in front of him and just suckkked it clean – moaning with pleasure at the taste variety: the cum, blood and shit as it rolled down his throat. “Spluck” his mouth released, and he leaned backward and winked at his best bud: “Ready bro!” And he opened his mouth wide as Stew erupted a nice piss fountain that arced up then down and right into Ty’s waiting mouth. Ty drank it down like rain water and then repositioned himself so the piss would cover his body and wet down his tattered shirt and ample chest hair. “Love that smell man, love it!”

He ripped the sweat and piss soaked shirt of his of his swole body and wiped his dick with it and as he did he growled “Aw FUCK!” He involuntarily unloaded a volley of jizz into the shirt as he wiped, “Didn’t see that coming so soon, must be fuckin RAGING!” He smiled at his bro, who winked back.

Ty fisted up his left hand, and sneered, “Time for a housecleaning.” And before any time passed, he was kneeling down as the punks ass pointed upward – the punk at this point was face down in the dirt, moaning and groaning lightly, mainly drifting in and out of consciousness, but awake. Ty FISTED UP AND PLOWED HIS MEATY FIST into the bloody, cut up and quivering hole. He smiled as his hand reached inside, feeling the warmth of the tissue, residual shit and blood – then he sneered, his dick got ACHINGLY HARD and he winked at his bud. “Here goes bro,” and he LUNGED HIS FIST, HIS FOREARM DEEEEEEEP INTO THE GUY, DEEEEEEPER until he reached the prostsate which he GRABBED AND YANKED to the inhuman guttural cries of the victim. Ty pulled his arm out, holding a bloody mess of flesh, grinned at it, sniffed it, looked at Stew who shrugged, then tossed it aside, it landed with a SPLUCK on the ground in front of the wide eyes of the still somehow coherent victim. Ty then RAMMED his FIST back inside and this time didn’t stop – inside, he opened his fist so his steely super fingers CUT THROUGH TISSUE AND GUTS AND MORE TISSUE AND PUSHING BONES ASIDE AND BREAKING MORE BONES AND PUSHING PUSHING PUSHING UNTIL – his arm now fully inside the punk up to his shoulder and his hand finally reached what he was looking for – the asswipe’s heart. Ty grabbed the muscle and squeeeezed and squeezed more and FUCKIN GRIPPPPED IT AND YANKED IT AND YANKED MORE UNTIL POP.

Ty’s eyes grew wide with delight and he grinned as his buddy looked on in fascination.

“Dude,” Stew asked, “Wha – “ and before he could finish – Ty pulled the shithead’s heart out of his asshole. Blood everywhere, his bulging tatted arm crimson and dripping blood as he held the heart up in VICTORY. He winked at Stew and tossed the heart at him. “Here bro, catch.”

Stew caught the messy muscle and stared at it – “Wow bro. It’s still beating!” And it was , it was trembling, as Stew simply kneeled down to the face, opened the mouth with one hand and shoved the heart inside his mouth, pushed it pushed pushed it in until it was draining blood out the guys nose.

They looked at eachohter dead on in the eyes. “Dude, we’re killers now,” observed Stew, grinning and flexing a MONSTER most-muscular.

“Yep.” Replied Ty, as he flexed his mammoth double bi with a grin like a kid who just successfully lied to his parents. “An we gonna do it again right bro?”

“Fuck yeahh buddy – can’t wait! Next time I’m gonna YANK THE PLUG ok?”

“Sure bro, fuck yes.”

The dudes stood up and stared at the body; wiped blood on their jeans and grabbed at eachother’s cocks and JACKED EACHOTHERS KILLER FUCKIN COCKS INTO A JIZZ FLYING FUCKIN FRENZY. The hooted and hollered as they sprayed the dead punk with their sticky man syrup, and then pissed on it after. The both breathed in deep. “Ahhh, yeahh that smell man,” said Stew, “nothing like it in the world!”

And just then, they heard from the darkness “Sup guys.” And that’s when Matty, the rookie crane operator on Ty’s team stepped out.

Matty was about 25, and a musclebound lug at 210 lbs of cut former football muscle. Tatted and pierced, he also had a shaved head, covered in a black knit cap, and a long chin beard. He was holding his iPhone, and obviously got the entire scene recorded. He was grinning.

“WHAT THE FUCK YA FUCKIN….” Stew raced at Matty but Matty evaded him – “Hold on Bro! Hold on!”

The 3 workers stood over the dead body and Matty explained “Dudes, I followed ya year cuz I think you fuckin ROCK. I saw ya dump Mr. Asshole here in the bin earlier today and knew I needed to see you guys in action. Wow, bros. All I can say is Wow!”

“Whaddaya mean ya fucker, whaddaya want?” Ty was breathin heavy, pumping his fists as his arms spiked with swole power.

“I wanna join ya bros. Train me, teach me. I got a buddy too, train and teach him too. And bros get us HUGE like you. Shoot us full of your roids, force us through your workouts. We wanna get BIG. Then bros – let’s fuckin we’ll gang up and romp. We’ll rule the streets boys.” He sneered in anticipation of their agreement. They had to really, he had their number.

What a great idea, they all agreed.

8 thoughts on “Dudes interrupted

  1. Bro! what a fukin masterpiece this is! the kill is super imaginative and the descriptive way the guys celebrated their first murder had me edging like crazy! add the prospect of Matt and his buddy gettin roided up and ragin, rulin the streets… FUK YAH BRO!!!


    • Dude I’m somewhere between totally flattered and super BONED that you like my stories here! I see you like the concept of dudes forming a TEAM, jacking up their buddies and then GOING APESHIT… FUKYESSSSS – nothing like muscle dudes going on a RAMPAGE, and the bigger and stronger the better, GRRR!

      You inspired me last week and I cranked out that ditty on Pete and Red.

      Noelster – is there anything I can write for you – anything you want to “see” – I’d love to do that for you. You are so kind to read this and give this feedback. It made my day!

      Liked by 2 people

      • read your offer and immediately sprung a huge boner and leaked pre all down my leg. dude, would really dig more stories you’ve kinda sketched out on tumblr abt the jax-and-drew’s gym. cant get enough of your writing man!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Fisting to the extreme – and then some. Way to go, heart ripped out from the inside… I love it. Would anyone care to do that to me? You never know, I might just live to enjoy it.
    Your writing is raw and breathtaking – you touch parts of me I didn’t know existed. Keep cumming, bring it on, don’t waste that demon seed! We guys must set up a jaxman circle jerk… guess we’d just drown in cum. Way to go.


  3. Badass, yup, can’t deny it. Maybe only a six just now, working hard to improve my score – plenty of inspiration here I reckon… Fuck yeaaah, I hit seven already.


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