CJ climbed in and we drove another 10 miles up to a turnoff into the lower Mohave desert scrub. It was 6pm still plenty of daylight to test the app outdoors.

I instructed, Get out here. We stood in the open desert – miles from any activity except for the occasional passing car.

He was anxious so I got right to business. Aimed the app at him and slammed it’s modified max setting at him…….nothing. Shit. Tried again as the dude stood there confused … Still nothing.

“So do ya want me to suck ya off?” He asked unclear on why we were there.

I snickered, not yet man. Not until I get this fuckin thing ta work….

Then I remembered, this app was transdermal – it didn’t work the usual way ! I noticed his thin elastic wristband, naw that won’t work.

I took off my black leather wristband and set it atop the hood of the truck, aimed my phone and nailed it for a full 30 seconds with the max setting. Then gave it to him. Go on put it on I said.

He slapped it on. And immediately he fisted up but then grabbed and pulled his arm down with the other arm. He looked scared “what the fuc—“. His arm spasmed and he fisted up again and he began pumping his arm over and over . “Can’t stop! I can’t stop flexing!” he looked to me as if for guidance “what’s happening what did you do to—“. And then he swooned “AWWWW fuckKkkk!”‘ He cried out – in a tone more bold than he’s used so far- and grabbed his head with his hands – and looked directly at me gritting his teeth and lookin mighty handsome – and I could see in his eyes the drugs he was on had dried up, cleared up in his brain and his mind was restoring itself. His eyes showed clarity for the first time today. I also noticed dark stubble beginning to grow on his chin – he was quickly growin a beard.

He sneered lustfully and grunted out:
“Whadja do man, whadja do ta me man?” He was staring at me as he fisted up both arms and pulled a double bi – and yeah his arms were swelling and I could see below his ratty red tee that his body was shifting, muscles growing, writhing, bulging – and judging from the ever widening grin on his newly bearded face – the feeling was AWESOME. And his skin, man. His pale skin seemed to become even more translucent in relief of his throbbing veins.

“Clothes gettin tight, damn my dick is so boned!” He reached a paw down into his pants and grabbed at his dick and started workin it. “Aw fuckkk feelin it man- feelin power surge up from my nuts and into my entire fuckin body man mmmm”. He spread his legs apart – his black boots kicking up dust as he planted them down with a thud – “fuck my legs feel like fuckin weights – so heavy !”

He grinned and fisted up again and this time his shirt rode up up up to expose his abs which were quickly cobbling into a shredded 8 pack as his waist tapered and his legs BLEW UP as his massive quads pushed the denim to it’s max – you could see his glutes, hammys and quads bulging below his now tight jeans. And his calves BURST up and out of the cuffs above his boots revealing football sized mounds of muscle supporting his newfound stature. He started growling like an animal and laughing – looking at me he said “grrrRRRRRR! Jax! it’s awesome! I can feel it …. FEEEL the power surging inside me – building up UP UP man, like it’s gonna ….unnghhhhrrrrr. FUCKKKK! GRRRRRRR !”

And in a matter of moments his entire upper body EXPANDED and grew up and out with a VENGEANCE.
His clenched fists BULGED with meaty vice like strength as his forearms exploded with muscle, tendons and snaking veins that gorged up his arms like pipes and fed his MAMMOTH new biceps and triceps the altered blood they needed to grow like this.


And as he FLEXXXED IN INFATUATION OF HIS GROWTH- his GUNZ and his shoulders, DELTS, traps and pecs ERUPTED WITH SIZE and throbbed with killer power as his muscles BURRRRST outta his shirt like it was tissue. His white skin seemingly reflecting off the setting sun. He was Grinnin and sneering at his arms as they rippppppped out of the shirt and he was repeatedly shouting out things like “FUCK YESSS!” “GETTIN HIUUGE MAN!”

The growth subsided and he licked his lips and kissed his BULGING biceps as he flexed in the aftermath. “AW YEAHH SO FUCKIN HUUUGE MAN! AND NOW MAN…. IM FEELIN SO FUCKIN AGGRESSIVE……FEEL LIKE I GOTTA CRUSH SOMETHIN OR PUNCH SOMETHIN NOW!” His eyes grew wide and He charged at my truck but I blocked and tackled him.

NOT my truck bro. Here – whale on me – man HIT my abs. And I tore off my shirt and flexed my 10 pack and egged him on: C’mon puny FUCKA nail my abs cmon dweeb! Do it! Do it!

This taunting threw him into a rage and he fisted up and WHALED on me over and over with everything he had – He must have driven 20 blows before stepping back and grinnin at me. I kept my balance but MAN could he pack a punch! He was ECSTATIC over his power – flexing and rubbing at his dick “gotta jack my dick bro!” He smiled as he yanked out his newly MAMMOTH cock, oozing supercharged precum – glistening in the afternoon sun….

Just then we heard a vehicle approaching on the road. His eyes LIT UP and he licked his lips as he tucked his dick back in his pants. He took deep breaths and fisted up as he watched the vehicle, a van of some kind, approach.

He knew what he wanted to do – at this point I was just a bystander.

CJ timed himself perfectly and leapt in the road in front of the oncoming vehicle and stood there smiling, eggin the van to hit him but the van swerved off the road and crashed to a stop against a boulder in a shallow ditch.

Go get em tiger! I encouraged him but he did not need it – he was already charging the wrecked vehicle – a state of California corrections facility transport van. He grabbed and YANKED The driver door clean off and holding the door aloft BENNNNNNT it clean in half while hollering a rebel yell that echoed throughout the desert.

He looked so hot standing there wearing his black boots and tight ripped jeans, and my wristband- all in stark relief to his white skin wrapped taut over his expansive hyperstrong muscles mapped with thick blue veins – legs askew, hands crushed into the metal – grinning like a school kid. Hard to believe just moments ago he was a listless methed out bag of bones .

He chucked the metal door into the sagebrush, reached in and grabbed the driver and pulled him out by his collar – holding him in mid air – and snarled at the driver “why are they going to the pen?” He was referring to the 3 inmates, pinned in the rear amongst the wreckage. The driver replied meekly: “2 are convicted pedophiles; they raped kids. The other killed his wife’s boyfriend and some others….He’s the toolbox killer.”

CJ sneered back at them, tossed the driver away and barked “RUN!” And the driver high tailed it away, allowed to escape. Turning his attention back to the inmates he PUNCHED his mega fist into the van, and TORE the metal away like tinfoil. He stared at the “toolbox killer” and smiled.

He said to the murderer: “Dude I saw you on TV! you are FUCKIN CREATIVE! Using Your drills and hammers and saws and shit to snuff those fucktards, so cool!” He reached out and helped the guy to his feet, and then busted the dudes hand cuff chains so he was free to use his hands, yet the cuffs and chains still dangled on his burly wrists.

CJ Asked, “Bro, whaddaya regret – the kills, or gettin caught?”

Without hesitation the killer replied, Grinnin, “gettin caught!”

CJ huffed out a laugh, “Dude, watch this!” The killer complied.

Then CJ reached in with both super paws of his and grabbed each pedophile punk by the neck – one in each paw. He hoisted them out of the wreckage and carried them back to me, as they writhed in fear and in pain and desperately trying to breathe. They kicked and tried to pry loose from his grip but he was just too fuckin BIG AND STRONG. He smirked at their feeble efforts to free themselves. He signaled for the toolbox killer to come close as well. I noticed the killer was simply gazing at CJ – admiring him with a BONER raging.

CJ stood before us, legs spread wide, boots planted strongly to the ground, jeans straining to contain his legs and his awesome dick, his torso firm like a steel I beam supporting his throbbing ANIMAL upper bod and arms as they effortlessly held the two victims-to-be in the air. And that bright white grin on his cute face.

He spoke: “Jax, all my life I’ve been the scrawny loser – the fuckin dweeb. and all my life I’ve prayed, PRAYED for size and strength, prayed at church and before bedtime – prayed to god – just please even the playing field for me- just give me some stature, some backbone, muscle! But no. Nothin doin. Always the meek, the dweeb. So I started smack and meth and shit just to cope. But Then last week…hah…last week – I met up with a guy who said ever try praying to Satan? Fuck no I said but I’ll give it a try. So I did man- I prayed to Satan JUST LAST NIGHT! I asked for size and power and man i promised him: you make me BIG and ya know what I’ll do BIG SATAN- I’ll repay ya, I’ll make a hell on earth for ya! And LOOK WHAT HE DID!”

Well actually I did that – it was my app that changed you…..

He grinned. “Yeah. But the BIG S…HE made it all possible and got us together – you stopped and picked me up Jax. ”

He’s got a point. That diversion in the truck that caused me to miss the 14 ….maybe fate or maybe evil intervention….but I never would have seen CJ if not for that.

He laughed, and called out “Hey BIG Satan, I told ya I’d pay ya back so….this ones for you BIG GUY! My first kill!” And with that he squeezed his left fist in on the punks neck – so powerfully and so quickly that the assholes eyes popped out from the mega pressure of Cjs squueeze. He sneered as his arm muscles writhed with power and chuckled as the eyes bobbed out from the skull and down hanging by nerves. “FUCK YEAH! I’m a murderer now. SWEEEET! ” Blood gushed over his hand as he ground his fist tighter and tighter and felt all that bone, cartilage and tissue and the spinal cord just CRUSHED TO PASTE in his awesome grip. His cock was like dynamite in his pants.

The toolbox killer was cheering, “Yeeehaw! fuck yeah dude that rocked bro !” He grinned and fisted up in support of his new best buddy.

CJ looked to him and smiled at his fellow killer. – “Aw man it feels GREAT bro! The bones crushing in my hand, man that’s the fuckin BEST”. And he then HEAVED the twitching corpse into the sagebrush and pumped out a bloody bicep FLEX. “What’s your name bro?”


Paul, the toolbox killer was 48 years old and well built at 6’ 210 thug pounds – he was a contractor who found his wife of 25 years sleeping with some young musclestud from the job site. He saw them fucking in his house, In his bed – snapped mentally and a week later killed the guy, his wife, and two friends of theirs. He tortured them first with wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers and then finished them off with saws, awls, and a good drillin to the head. They all had it coming – he was a good, decent guy. They were the assholes. Now, everyone- they’re ALL ASSHOLES.

CJ turned to his left paw, and the punk held there and said to me quietly “Jax this next one is for you …”

Grinning at us both, he lifted the punk above his head with both arms and then with a mean ferocity THREW the guy to the ground with such a concussive force it shook the ground. He then picked up the damaged guy by the ankles. The punk was screaming for his life and was now held upside down by his ankles. Smiling evilly, CJ just STRETCHED those puny legs apart ….stretcchhhh…the guy screaming up a storm….ssttrreettcch ….. until: SSSPLICKKK-SCCRAATCHHH CCRAACKK! He yanked both legs outta their hip sockets – and then using his foot at a weight, held the body down at the crotch while YANKING – UP UP UP With the legs until they both TORE OUTTA the guys hips – his pelvis and spine and ankle bones all Cracking in unison. Blood flying everywhere like rain. CJ then held the legs up in the air like a trophy allowed the blood to drip onto his white hot body and then tossed the legs into the sagebrush.

CJ Was going ANIMAL. “Gotta FUCK! Gotta fuck SOMETHIN NOW!” He then knelt down to the twitching still alive punk, and took his python cock out – and RAMMED IT into the open gaping hole at the left hip – and humped furiously until he SCREAMED in orgasmic delight – shooting load after load of his hot muscle jizz into his victim. “Cool so cool! Now gonna finish him off,” he huffed.

Licking his lips, CJ wrapped his now beefy, huge hands around the guys skull and SQUEEEEZED……SQUEEEEZED….until CRRACKKKKGGGLITCHHHHH. The skull exploded in his hands. Popped open like a terra cotta pot and SQUSH went all the gray meter and bloody
pulp. CJ bathed his hands in it for a moment and then flung the goo off and then tossed the remains of the punk into the desert. He wiped his hands clean on his jeans leaving blood stains on them. “War paint ” he grinned.

He looked at the toolbox killer and held up his bloody fingers – “your turn Paul – an I still got some blood for lube, bro.” And in a moment or less, CJ Had his fingers up Paul’s chute, prying it ready for a BIG show. And Paul was more than eager, and more than ready to join in this party.

Just before he plunged his steel mega dick into Paul’s begging hole, CJ Asked “how many d’ya kill bro?” And then PLOWED the hole…

“FOUR” shrieked Paul as his virgin ass was violated – “fuck YEAHHHH!” And as CJ Began pumping his butt into ecstasy Paul huffed out in rhythm of CJ’s thrusts – “Wish…..it ……was…… 40!”

CJ grinned widely as he pumped Paul’s ass to shreds; he was JACKED to be fucking an older dude and was hoping his instinct was right – he’d change this daddy into a monster like himself. Already it started – CJ’s evil, app-enhanced precum has already smeared into Paul’s shredded rectum, and seeped into his bloodstream.

CJ pulled out before jizzing – and stared into Paul’s silver blue eyes. Paul was panting, out of breath from the fucking he just took, and shaking and sweating – but his eyes said he WANTED THIS and was ready for what comes next.

CJ Hissed: “pray to Satan for power! Do it – repeat after me: satan make me strong, make me invincible!”

Paul repeated “satan make me strong, make me invincible!”

CJ: “I sell my soul to you satan for HUGENESS! Make me a BRUTAL BEAST!”

Paul: “I sell my soul to you satan for HUGENESS! Make me a BRUTAL BEAST!”

CJ grinned at his buddy, “cool!”

Paul: “cool!”

CJ, laughing: “no not that! But ok repeat this last line: “give me this power and for you satan I’ll make a HELL ON EARTH!”

Paul: “give me this power and for you satan I’ll make a HELL ON EARTH!”

They grinned at eachother and Paul began to tremble even more. CJ then thrust his messy shitty bloody cock in Paul’s face. “Clean it and suck it all down bro – and drink my fuckin JIZZ – every drop – got it!?!” He commanded.

Paul gleefully complied, first licking the blood and shit off and then taking in CJ’s monster python cock in his mouth. Moments passed like hours until with a violent bucking and an ANIMAL SNARL – CJ Erupted load after load of jizz into Paul’s belly. And considering it was his first time ever swallowing DNA, Paul did great – he caught most of the torrent of jizz that spewed out of big CJ and chugged it down like a champ. As the big guy was climaxing and shooting his load he cried out: “take it baby take it for SATAN, take it for POWER take it for EVIL! Tell me ya want it tell me ya gonna give it all for SATAN AND EVIL! HELL ON EARTH!”

To which Paul replied after guzzling down CJs sticky evil syrup – “yeahh man gonna GET BIG MAN, GET EVIL man, gonna…gonnaaaa…grrRRRRRRR! GRRRRRRRRR!” And he sneered as he too began to GROW AND RAGE.

CJ Looked at me and winked – “gonna be cool ta watch this dude CHANGE!”

Yep, testing complete. App works fine when delivered via skin or body fluid. And the app rules apply: only the assholes get snuffed.

Later, the dudes got an idea: break out 2 more killers and posse up! 4 THUG MURDERERS. The both of them, that HOT dude doing 25 to life in New York, John Katehis…..and I suggested Aaron Hernandez, in jail awaiting trial on 3 counts. Toolbox said “Fuck yeah! That tatted NFL dude! He’ll be brutal!” Both killers were psyched to imagine 2 more SUPERSTRONG EVIL THUGS joining up with them – and both those dudes have been in lockup for a while so they’re HUNGRY.

Fuck yeah I like that idea. And I know just the way to break the other 2 out. Heh. Gonna be fun.

3 thoughts on “Drifter

  1. Awesome story man! Read the entire thing with a BONER raging! The details and brutality really took me over the edge. including the 2 real life guys at the end is RAD. would love to hear more about this murder crew.


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