Bradley, the psych major

The next day I found Bradley chillin out Watchin replays from the Stanley Cup finals. His bulging body was still concealed under all his sweat gear – you could see his peaks whenever he flexed – which was often. So Bradley, usually dudes who get the app have a sort of reaction -kinda wild and outta control. You are different – you seem totally in control since I nailed you yesterday.

“It’s all about control for me, Jax. The size and muscle is awesome but the power of the mind is the fuckin best.” Just then the doorbell rang. “Check it out Jax – I’ll show ya WILD.” He grinned at me but then composed himself as he opened the door.

It was the pizza delivery guy – the one that always “got the math wrong” and eeked out extra cash for tips – he pissed the guys off all the time, the cheat. “Large mushroom” he said. Bradley looked into his eyes and held his stare. “Thanks but you know what asshole,”. Bradley said as he held the guys stare “we’re sick of you ripping us off just cuz we’re frat boyz – and you rip off the guys at NU next door. Fuck you. Fuck your need, your obsession to rip off people cuz of what, your brother used to taunt you in school? Did he tease you about what a wimp you are and how you have a tiny little dick that’ll never grow?”

The pizza guy just listened, dumbfounded, and slowly slowly began to fade, look distant.

“And I bet that dick has NOT grown much has it, fuckwad? A shriveled up useless cock is what you have and ya know what a shriveled up useless fuck is what you are. You have no purpose on this earth and the fact that you are even breathing in air is a crime. You, in your uselessness, are wasting air that the rest of us need to breathe! You SUCK for doing that. It SUCKS that you’re alive.”

Bradley stepped back and took the pizza from the guy who was now crying – looking lost, vulnerable. Bradley handed me the pizza and winked at me – and whispered, “first time, so wish me luck!”

He took a switchblade from his hoodie and opened the knife. Held it up in front of the guy and resumed the stare into his eyes: “here man, best thing you can do is…well, you know…” And he took the knife and playfully wiped it across his own neck as if he were cutting his throat. Grinning he handed the knife to the guy with a dead cold stare, “years of torment, years of failure, years of small cock can just end right here. So here you try.” And without hesitation the guy grabbed the knife and in one purposeful brutal SLICE opened his own neck. Gagging he dropped the knife and fell to his knees grabbing at his throat.

Bradley turned to me, “see Jax I was always the good guy, the one they could approach, the guy with he warm blue eyes. The one who people came to with their problems. I Listened and I felt for them and helped them … So it was natural I go into psychology as a major. Since yesterday though,” as he said this He FLEXXXED for the first time today – and grabbed his hoodie sleeve one one side and RRRRIPPED it off at the shoulder and then repeated with the other side. “Since yesterday Its been different man. I listen to them but they seem so insignificant now. So….useless. Their problems are shit to me now.” He fists up and admires his GARGANTUAN GUNZ and sneers at me, “and all I wanna do is control their minds first, and then fuckin do THIS!” And he reached his mega meaty paws down to the bleeding twitching guy and grabbed at his skull and in one VICIOUS SQUEEZE – cracked the guys skull with a resounding POP!

Looking back at me, fisting into a mega DOUBLE BI and flashing those captivating eyes of his – he whispered in total control, “fuck yeah. Thanks Jax.”

The app did it’s work. With the SIZE AND MUSCLE to back it up – This dude just turned into a MENTAL FUCK THUG. What was once compassion has now turned to contempt.

What were once warm bright blue eyes have now become cold gray knives that can dig into your mind and soul and tear you to pieces without anyone noticing.

Who was once a promising psychology student is now thanks to the app an ALPHA KAPPA brotha.

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