Getting BRUTAL in 3 easy steps

Aaron prayed for power all his life
But it never came. So he turned to darkness. He did his research, found the small round silver pendant and learned of it’s power to transform a normal man into a FEAKY HUGE savage BEAST. It’s done in 3 steps.

Step one: wear the pendant for 66 days and work out each of those days getting your body into it’s peak shape. CHECK. Dude you’re HOT.

Step 2: find yourself a victim; he should also be in good physical shape; wearing the pendant and black clothing – strangle the victim to death.
CHECK – Mike is now dead.

Here is step 3, and the aftermath:

Hold the pendant tightly and make a promise that with the power you’re about to get, you will become the enemy of normal humans.

He released the corpse of the pizza guy, held his pendant in his hands and knelt at the bedside. Sneering, He said out loud: “make me HUGE, make me strong and I swear I’ll make a HELL ON EARTH. Humans will PAY.”

BOOM! The pendant heated up and sent charges of electric current into his hands and then his arms and after a few seconds his entire body. It felt like 1000bolts of pure POWER along with the ecstasy of 1000 ejaculations. His body grew – muscles swelled up – his arms grew from 15″ to 22″ GUNZ and his chest and back blew up up and out, ripping out of the black wife beater with a vengeance. When he stood he had grown a few inches but added easily 120 pounds of steely dense fuckin muscle over his body – he became a 300 pound freak in less than a minute.

He put the pendant back on his neck and unzipped his pants to expose a mammoth dick, wet with precum and ready to blow.

Which brings us to the optional STEP 4: change your victim.

He licked his lips as he positioned himself over his kill – straddling Mike around his dead hips and started jacking off. It took 10 seconds to blow an initial load of normal white jizz – it landed on the dead Mike’s chest soaking into his shirt. But this was his last volley of normal human cum, and it was followed quickly by a second, more POWERFUL ejaculation – this one more intense and more euphoric than any he had ever experienced. It built and built and…..fFFFUKKKINNNN BUILT UP UP UP until he erupted a load of jizz so powerful it was like a gunshot. Inhuman MONSTER JIZZ spewed out of his superhuman cock and hit the wall 6 feet ahead of him. It was pitch black ooze and It burned into the wall like acid. He was in such euphoria and excitement over this awesome change that he almost forgot his buddy. BUT he gained his senses enough to aim his python dick at the mouth of his victim. Ropes of Thick chunky black jizz coated mikes lips – and Aaron reached down to open Mike’s mouth as another round of jizz shot into his mouth and ran down his throat.

Mike was not burned by the new superjiZz but it singed and corroded everything else it touched, the floor, ceiling, glass window, rug and sheets.

Arron dismounted off Mike and stood back, holding his still THROBBING HARD COCK in anticipation of what happens next…

The superjizz rolled down Mike’s tongue and throat and took immediate effect – his heart began to beat anew – but with an inhuman rhythm and power.

Mike blinked his eyes and immediately started licking his lips for the excess jizz – he reached his hands instinctively to his chest and scooped up more excess and fed it in his mouth sucking it down. He stared at his hands, sneered and FISTED up. He sat up and looked at Aaron – with an increasing grin on his face.

“So it fuckin WORKED?!?”

Aaron tossed Mike the pendant “Fuck YEAH bro! Here, ask for the power like mine, and make a promise to become an enemy of humans. DO IT QUICKLY OR DIE FOR GOOD!”

Mike grabbed the metal and gritted out between his teeth which were still a little black with Aaron’s jizz: “make me HUGE! I promise I’ll be an enemy of all humanity!”

And Again, BOOM.

Less than two minutes later a 350 pound Mike, fueled by dark force aggression, anger and fearlessness – KICKED in the door to the next hotel room and was gleefully strangling a victim of his own in his awesome superhuman beefy paw.

They both got what they were seeking all along. In 4 easy steps.

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