Ultimate dudes

After an awesome work-out I came home to find my door slightly open and didn’t think anything of it until I sensed motion behind me and then felt something with the force of a piledriver hit my left temple and….. bzzzzzzt, the world vanished and I was out cold.
I awoke with my vision blurry and unable to move freely all while looking at this hot dude backward sitting on my chair – waiting for me to come to.

“Sup, Red.” He said, staring blankly at me.

Wow, haven’t heard someone call me that in…wait. I tried to rub my eyes but realized my hands were tied behind me; my ankles were bound and my chest was duct-taped to a chair. In my own house. I grew angry real quickly.

“Wait, what the FUCK! Who, Wait! Pete? Pete what the FUCK is that you?”

Pete cracked his wry smile from underneath his BEASTIN cap. “Miss me, Red?”

More than he ever knew. Me and Pete were best buddies growing up here outside of Boston. As kids and early teens we hung out and played video games constantly and then one day his older brother brought a weight set into his basement and that was all it took, we both got bit by the weightlifting bug. Real bad. Like, it’s all we did and it’s all we wanted to do – just hit that basement gym every afternoon after school. Lift, eat stuff from his mom’s fridge, and lift more. Flex. Lift. Eat. Flex more. Man it was sweet. But BOOM like all things good, it ended quick. His folks split up and before we could barely say bye, he was gone with his mom back to Florida somewhere. What sucked even more was that we were gonna be Seniors the next month and had just started making plans. Man we were gonna rule. But he was gone and I had no friends. We couldn’t afford iphones then so we didn’t keep in touch. So I joined the YMCA and just kept lifting, kept to myself, and kept getting bigger and bigger. And I Didn’t hear from him in 5 years. Until now. And man the first thing I noticed was that he, too, kept lifting. His muscular body was wrapped around that chair, bare chested, wearing cammo shorts and construction boots. And that INK. Man I liked his style back then and I really liked it now.

“Cool ink, bro. Check you out. And man you’re still liftin.”

“Back atcha, Red. Man you’re fuckin HUGE too. What you weigh now?”

“234 bro, going for 250 bro by the end of the year.  We locked eyes a moment and I started to yank at my restraints. “Pete what the Fu-”

“Sorry man. Just need to make sure.”

“What bro, its me, we’re friends, remember, right? We’re cool, right?”

“Yeah, that’s not what I mean.” We stared at each-other again for a moment, “See Red a lot has changed for me.” More staring as I just took this in. “And man I hope maybe for you too.” And suddenly he seemed nervous, “Cuz I’m taking a big risk here bro. A huge risk.”

“Dude, just untie me. Let’s grab a brew-”

“Be right back.” And with that he was gone, out the side door I came in before he clocked me. Left me just sitting there duct-taped to my chair until I heard some loud mumbling and groaning. And then back in the side door came Pete, with his arm muscles bulging as he tightly held another person, a man, also restrained by duct-tape. Only difference from me is that his mouth was taped over. He was clearly fatigued, as though he’d been taped up for a while, maybe days. Pete effortlessly pushed/carried and shoved him into my living room and then just pushed him to the floor where fell with a thud and a moan. What he was moaning was indiscernible.

Pete stepped over the prone captive and leaned into me – we were practically face to face, with the taped up guy on the floor in between us.

“Red, listen. Remember when we were kids and working out in my basement and sometimes we made plans and talk about getting even. About getting huge and just fuckin getting even?”

I raised my eyebrows. Sure I remembered. Thought about it every fuckin day. Fuck I thought about that and Pete every single fuckin day for five years. “Yeah Pete I guess so.”

“Well, Red, this year I got to thinking that I was gonna start getting even.” He looked directly into my eyes, “Payback time.” He was breathing heavy now, something was gonna happen, he as either scared or excited it was hard to tell until…

“Gonna show you how….” and he yelled out “I DO THE PAYBACK!” And with that he swiftly knelt down over the guy, HOISTED HIM UP EFFORTLESSLY and wrapped a muscled arm around his neck; then he just grabbed the guys head with his free beefy catchers mitt paw, GRIPPED it and TWISTED it, and gritting and snarling he GRIPPED HARDER AND TWISTED HARDER AND WITH MORE AND MORE INTENSITY UNTIL…..Aw man, the muscles and tendons in his forearms FLEXED like the cords of a suspension bridge as he TWISTED AND TURNED THE HEAD until ……….. SSSSNNNAAPPPCCRRAACCKKKKKK. And he grunted out “Aw FUCK yeah, there it GOES, grrrr, fuuuuck yeahhhhh.”

Seeing this, my mouth went dry. And my dick, already hard from seeing my STUD buddy again to begin with, turned to RAGING DYNAMITE when I heard those bones crack like chunky rice Krispies, and when I viewed Pete’s confident smirk as his POWER KILL PAW rendered and forced that head and neck apart with deadly, experienced precision. So many thoughts flooding my mind at this time, yet I was total focused on Pete. On his muscles, on his face and eyes. He was so HOT, so HANDSOME, and so BUFF. If at thirteen he was everything I wanted as a friend; at 22, he’s all I ever wanted in a bro.

Still gripping the head of the now dead guy, he cranked the head upward and spat in the face. “Fuckwad,” he grunted as he slammed the corpse down do the wood floor with a knocking thud. Then he looked up at me, and grinned and huffed out, “Payback, Its all about Payback.” And he looked at me, and then at my crotch which was fully tented with my steel pole dick, and said “Bro, well look at that! Awesome, Red, cuz I was afraid I might have to snuff you too. But clearly you’re Ok with this-”

I huffed out a laugh and smiled. “Dude! It’s me who used to talk about getting big and strong enough to lift a fucker off the ground by the neck with ONE HAND.” I sneered at the body in the ground, “No problem,  bro.  So what he do? Why the payback?”

“Gave me the finger a couple of days ago, in traffic.”

“Cool.” I gazed at Pete a moment and sneered back down at the dead guy, “asshole.”

Then Pete stepped one leg over the body, and standing over it, unzipped his cammo shorts and pulled out his own fully engorged HOG and began to stroke it. Looking at me while stroking his awesome dick, he said, “I came back for you Red cuz I had a feeling you’d be ok with this. That you of all people would understand. You were awesome killing on the video games and were so fuckin amped when we were lifting back in my basement. And we used to fantasize about beating the crap outta those aholes we went to school with. We just started taking about snuffing when I had to leave. You and me, like a kill TEAM. Aw yeah. You loved flexing and getting bigger. And so did I and, aw fuuck,” he bucked his hips a little and a hefty dollop of jizz squirted from his cock on to the corpse below. He grunted and stroked again and again until he was finished. Then he stopped a moment to lick some spare jizz off his fingers, and then looked back up at me, catching my eyes with his. “Fact is Red,” he paused and took a deep breath and suddenly seemed scared kinda and cracked out “Fact is man I love you. Always did. Ever since-”

“Me too.” I blurted out. “Pete, I love you too. Ever since…then….”

He smiled and reached into his boot and pulled out a short knife and slit the tape between my ankles, and then the tape around my chest. I stood up and spread my legs, lifting my arms from behind the chair.

My wrists were still taped behind me and he started to cut the tape, but I said “No bro, check me out.” And with that I FLEXXED; AND PULLED AND FLEXXXED AND YANKED UNTIL rrrrrrriiiiiiIIIIIPPPPPPP! The useless duct tape gave way to my superior power and my wrists were freed and it felt AWESOME to be free and I started FLEXXXING. Admiring my double bi I eyed him, “Damn bro I benched 640 today, 12 reps. So pumped, so fuckin JACKED.”

He returned the FLEXXXX, “Yeah fuck bro! Killed my 6th fucktard today! So fuckin RAGING!”

And together for a moment we FLEXXED together for the first time in 5 years and man it felt so GOOD. So NATURAL. As we flexed our cocks grew even harder; we drew close, close enough to feel each others radiating heat, close enough that our cock bulges touched – our snakes RAGING to bust free. Never taking my my eyes off his I reached over and down into his cammos, and further down past his silky trail and public hair and grabbed his iron rod and held it firmly, feeling that it was fully wet already with precum. “Pete. Tell me about your first.”

He smiled, paused and reached his super power paw down my baller shorts past my jock and grabbed my cock in similar fashion. Man his hot beefy paw felt SO FINE as it wrapped around my tool. And to be honest, I was so INTO him at that moment, so IN TUNE and BUZZED ON HIM, I don’t quite recall the exact details of his first kill but what he said that I do remember is this: “…felt so ALIVE, Red, so…SUPERIOR. I knew I needed to come here to you. Red have you-”

“Naw,” is said sheepishly, “always wanted to but never had the stones like you, man. Aw fuck I-”

“Dude it’s ok!” He fisted up in a most-muscular and GROWLED. “Ya Ready?”

“What?” But t as I said that he was back out the door and again left me standing there with his dead victim and a huge boner. A minute later he was back carrying another guy all taped up. This one was short, closer to 5′ than 6′ and seemed older. THUD he went to the floor with a now familiar sound.

We stared at each other for a moment and he said “Gonna be a TEAM, remember!? Your Turn, bro.” And he started FLEXXING again with his left arm as he reached into his pants and stroked his cock with his other – while watching me….

I could taste my heart on my tongue it was beating so hard. My cock was a marble-ized raging HOG leaking Precum like a faucet as I stood there over my first vic. I just grinned and said nothing as I grabbed its neck with my left hand and effortlessly lifted it UP off the floor.