DISCLAIMER, please read:

I did not write this whole story. The original story about Jared and Daniel was written and published by the author/pseudonym “Realhankmaccoy” on Tumblr. The original title of the story is “I was just being ironic, bro!” And the ending was quite different there than it became here with me. I loved this story and the interactions between the two main characters. In fact I fell I love with the two, and became compelled to re write the ending….and so I did.

HUUUUUGE nod to Realhankmccoy, who continues to write compelling posts on Tumblr, and for whom I have great respect. The first half of this story under the header “18 months ago” was mainly written by him, portions edited or added by me. The section titled “today” is entirely mine and the result of my truly sick mind. Enjoy bros! Heh.


18 months ago

While watching Cops on TV, Daniel made a joke about about grabbing their girlfriends by the pussy. Jared said it was kinda offensive, man. Daniel doubled down, saying he was just being ironic, explaining how he’d never be that misogynist, obviously.

Jared did end up laughing, just not wanting to be rude more than anything. I mean, they were friends and obviously Daniel didn’t swing that way.

But one joke turned into another joke, days later. And another. And the ways things were spiraling, soon the two roommates – they lived in a shared house of four – were joking about it all the time. Pretending to be alt-right. Pretending because it was fun, it was funny, it was something to do, a way to make fun of guys who acted like that while simultaneously getting to feel what it was like to be that sort of guy themselves.

They were pretty regular guys. But it became funny to pretend they were jock studs, too. “I dare you to work out, bro,” Daniel goes one night. “I fucking dare you. If you can do 100 pushups consecutively, I’ll even let you grab me by the pussy,” Daniel goes, grabbing his own cock and balls through his shorts for emphasis, which wasn’t hard since he was freeballing that night.

“Oh yeah?” Jared said, “Watch this, bro.” He only made it to fifteen, laughing, but they kept up their dare.

An avid reader, Jared Googled muscle growth and bodybuilding and learned some things and applied them to his new workouts. Yeah he was skinny as fuck but day over day and week over week the process took hold.

Jared was building some pipes on those arms.

Hot damn! He thinks as he flexes in his mirror every night. Watching himself grow he got excited and aroused like never before. Soon Jared started flexing in his new alt right merch he bought online as part of their effort to be ironic.

And months later, after a whole lotta flexing sessions, and after a few shots of whiskey, he hit one hundred pushups for the first time in his life.

“Dude, if I’m gonna grab you by the pussy, I want to see you wearing those Old Glory shorts.” Yeah, the shorts Daniel bought to be ironic. Jared knew those.

And he did grab Daniel’s cock and balls through the shorts, holding onto them tight, laughing, squeezing. “Ouch, dude, that fuckin’ hurts,” Daniel said, though he was really kidding. It was hilarious. They were so drunk.

But that grab, that first feel of Daniel’s hard, pulsing cock – how it felt on Jarod’s sweaty hand, and how it felt so RIGHT – that grab ignited something in Jared. It felt so RIGHT, not like when he fingered his girlfriends pussy, which always felt awkward to him.

But then it was Jared’s turn to dare Daniel, saying he should get as pumped as he was, that is if he could ever catch up. “I’m working on 120 pushups, bro, and look at you. Fuckin’ puny. Little Daniel. I dare you, bro. You can grab me by the pussy if you ever catch up.”

Daniel wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

And he took Jared’s advice on working out. And soon his guns were just as big, if not bigger. “aw FUCK yeah” Daniel would self ‘mire as he flexed after his workouts. And while Jared would taunt him and call him “little Daniel” he was totally aroused at watching his buddy grow not only in size and strength but also in attitude. And as his buddy grew Jared thought of him more as a kindred, as a brother.

Their jokes were becoming almost infamous in the house.

“Drop and give me 20, Daniel. ‘Merica!”

And Daniel would drop and begin to pump out the reps, counting down:

One – MAGA!

Two – GO KAG

Three – GO NRA!

Four – GO GOP!

“Come on, tiny hands, let’s see if you can beat me at arm-wrestling.” And Daniel would go over to the table where their roommates were playing scrabble, and with a sweep of his thicker and newly vascular arm, wipe their game off that table and grin at their surprise and indigence as it scattered all over. And the buddies would just sit and arm wrestle for a while, grinding the scrabble pieces into the floor with their new Red adidas high tops, their newly bulging calves flexing and forcing their sturdy feet to the floor grinding the game to dust.

“Aww, so hot, bro. You and that MAGA cap. I bet you’ll be able to score all the pussy you want if you wear that out to the bars.”

As Daniel hears this he is flattered by his buddies complement but realizes it’s not the chicks he wants to impress, it’s Jared. This realization made him harder than ever.

“Lock her up, lock her up!” Daniel said to Jared when he was drunk off his ass, trying to tie him to his chair with rope. The guys loved horsing around.

Jared and Daniel both had American flag shorts, now. They had flag tank tops, t-shirts, hats, even MAGA caps. They were getting to be pretty buff guys. Acting like right-wing jockbros had been ironic, but now they looked pretty convincing in the part after working out so much and buying the gear they bought. Vocal inflections, ironic at first, now sounded more and more legit as they got their impersonations down pat. Sometimes they’d go out and hit the bars, ham it up, see who they fooled, which was pretty much everybody.

They were good at this. It was fucking funny and fun as hell.

And all along they just got bigger and bigger as they followed Jared’s researched size building methods. Eating 5000 calories a day. Working out morning and afternoon. Discovering HGH, and anabolic ROIDS.

Jared did all the research on safe and effective ROIDS and without much effort convinced Daniel to begin a cycle. One cycle led to two and as you now know with these two, two leads to a whole lot more.

“You sure this is safe bro?” Daniel would reflexively ask as Jared pinned him in the quad, delt and pec. Jared would wink with assurance and hand Daniel the syringes for his own cycle.

Daniel smiled and trusted Jared completely.

And over time the ROIDS were definitely working. They were becoming beefier; their arms and shoulders widening, developing striations and shredding, and becoming stronger and stronger. Their quads getting THICK, their calves ever pumping outward. They were both fast tracking their JOCK GROWTH – and after a while they looked like Bona fide athletes. Despite the high quality chem that Jared was able to score, the ROIDS eventually caused rashes of acne on their upper arms, back and shoulders. But instead of being bummed out about it they celebrated it as a trophy of their growth. One time with Daniel cheering him on, Jared flexed his bicep until a large boil on his arm popped by itself – “FUCK YEAH!” They both exclaimed at the sight of the whitehead exploding.

Moments like this happened more and more as they grew intoxicated with the process and encouraged each other to pin and lift with abandon. Like – every day, twice a day now at all times as gym buddies, side by side, sharing the experience. Becoming true brothers.

What they didn’t share was how aggressive they were becoming. How Jared would tamp down his surging ANGER by reading more about muscle growth and learning about the process for growth. For his part, Daniel just went with it – sometimes he’d get so fucking PISSED OFF he’d just punch a wall, or squeeze things till they got crushed in his widening and powerful paws. He didn’t admit it then but whenever he crushed something it got him real hard.

Drunk one night, and doing mindless bicep curls with a 35 lb dumbbell, Daniel found himself confessing to Jared that he thinks it’s really hot when Jared acts like a MAGA guy. “Yeah bro?” Jared said, “I think it’s hot too. Makes me feel hot. It’s like everything I secretly want to be when I’m like this.” Jared stared emotionless into Daniel’s deep blue eyes. Awaiting a response.

“Yeah bro?” Daniel said, “I think that’s so fucking hot, man. You look great as one of those guys. I almost feel like I could grab you by the pussy for real, bro. You know….”. He stared directly back into Jared’s dark brown eyes.

“Why don’t you do it then, bro,” Jared said, staring back. “When we’re home. I fucking dare you, bro. Get those tiny hands on this big cock of mine. Work it up bro and land that awesome mouth of yours on it. Heh. Bet you don’t have the balls.”

But turned out Daniel did have the balls, and when he took Jared’s cock in his mouth behind that locked bedroom door, all Jared could say was, “Fuck, bro. MAGA, bro. That’s so fuckin’ hot, bro,” before he came, five minutes later, flooding Daniel’s mouth with white hot cum. Daniel was so much better at this, even as a rookie, than his girlfriend ever was.

And Daniel, for his part, became a totally changed man in that very moment. The mere taste of Jared’s spunk on his tongue ignited his core. He didn’t miss a beat or a drop – his first gulp of Jared’s hot jizz filled him with a sense of power and that second swallow hammered it home. Daniel hungrily gulped it all down, with barely a slurp, pumping a fist as he did so, in confirmation of this conquest.

They changed up and For his part Jared, who felt compelled to be equal or better at this than Daniel, also inhaled Daniel’s sweet spunk with barely any spill, and let it fill his mouth. Then he got eye to eye with Daniel, pulled a MOST MUSCULAR like the hulk, and sneered and swallowed Dan’s entire load at once. The rush caused his eyes to roll back in ecstasy as his head became consumed with thoughts of Daniel transforming into an Alpha cocky unapologetic right wing fucker.

Their eyes still focused on each other they simply fist bumped in silence. And everything in their minds that moment would play out in the weeks and months ahead.

Immediately afterward – their girlfriends got the boot. Their workouts accelerated. Their jock act accelerated, too. And the sexual interactions began to pick up steam. It took a few days until they had the guts to get drunk enough for the second encounter. “Dude, I just… I swear I’m not conservative or anything like that, but when you pull off your red-blooded true American act, when you really sound like you live to vote red, it just does something to me. It’s like a trigger. And you know I don’t swing that way right? You know I’m a blue state ACLU guy all they way. right? But man when you do that MAGA stuff you sound really convincing… sometimes it makes me wish you would, you know, go MAGA even. Is that bad to say?” Daniel said.

“Nah, it’s not bad, bro,” Jared said, giving him a deep-tongued kiss. “It just means you’re in love with a real man and what a man’s meant to be. I think it’s hot, too. We should try to act like this all the time. Like, not break character even and really perfect it.”

Daniel smiled at Jared and Flexed his now 15 1/2”’ and still growin guns. “MAGA, bro!”

Jared grinned, and it was a different grin tho – it was sadistic, and he grunted between gritted teeth “MAGA BRO” and fisted up in a most muscular that caused veins to pop across his newly grown packed solid pec shelf.

MAGA! YESSSSS!” Replied Daniel, this time fervently like Jared, enough that spittle flew arose the room with his “sss.”

And they went back and forth, shouting MAGA and flexing for a full minute and both got real hard too.

Here bro read this. Jared gave Daniel a copy of the book “The way of men,” by Jack Donovan. “I’ve been reading this – good stuff, brother.”

Daniel read it and LEARNED. “Dude this guy Donovan is saying exactly what I’ve been thinking lately! So awesome!”

And soon they weren’t even breaking character, buff as hell, jocked up as hell, and their secret sex life, well, it was getting hotter than ever. Man it was taking up almost as much time as they put into the gym!

They’d alternate who was the sucker and the suckeee- but either way it was a show of pure masculine confederate rebel MAGA redbeck manhood.

Suck my cock, MAGA bro,” Jared would say, as Daniel, in nothing but an American flag jock strap and MAGA hat, worked his meat for a full hour, heavy metal blaring, Jared was just flexing and smirking down at him. The roommates complained about the metal tunes blaring but they didn’t care. Fuck those wussies anyways.

Damn, this was hot, Jared was thinking during a particularly noisy and raucous session. Daniel was doing Pushups as he sucked away on Jared’s pole, and he was wayyyy over 100 by the time Jared started shooting his lead. Jared was super impressed. Daniel was strong; he had the heart of a warrior. And fuckalll – Look at the muscle Daniel has put on. And he was still putting on more and more all the time. Jared totally and completely respected Daniel. Fuckin period.

“Check em out bro! MAGA POWER!” Daniel Flexed for Jared the day his biceps hit 16”, making a nice vascular peak. “Fuck ya gonna hit 17” by Summer bro! Gonna get HUUUUGE!”

Jared smiled brightly. “YEAH BRO! You and me bro. Together man. We’re gonna become SUPERHUMAN.” And he pulled his now trademark Most Muscular “GRRRRR!”

One day after the gym Daniel was hanging and rubbing his boner and said – “Dude, sometimes I feel like you really are gonna vote Trump, like you really mean it. And you know how that makes me feel? So fucking hot dude, like hot enough that my dick leaks just from thinking about it.”

Jared laughed. “Fucking awesome, man. Yeah, if you said you are gonna vote Trump, I would want to suck your leaking cock even more than ever man. I would suck you off and edge you for hours.”

“You dare me, bro? I’m starting to feel like we really should. Vote Trump. I mean, the thought it so hot to me. I know it’s wrong but maybe it’s not. I don’t know why I think it’s so hot but it really is.”

Jared took shirtless Daniel by the delts and looked directly into his eyes. “It’s because libtards ruined masculinity, man. They ruined US, man. Nature made us men but libtards nurtured us this way. I’m pretty sure dude that’s what happened. They lied to us bro. How else can you explain how we turned out. Fuckin spending time and money caring about scumshit that cant take care of themselves. Bleeding hearts and all that shit. Like I didn’t choose that. Nobody fuckin would.”

“That’s so hot, man, oh my God, that’s so fucking hot. Hearing you say libtards.” Daniel unconsciously started rubbing at his cock again.

“Yeah, man?” Jared said. “Libtards. Fucking retarded limp-dicked libtards.” He sneered at Daniel. “Spineless LIBTARDS.” And for emphasis, he FISTED up flexing his arm. “Weak goddamn LIBTARDS. Fuck those LIBTARDS!”

They stared at each other in silence as they both realized what has happened. Silently they realized – They are CHANGING. They are changing together. And they both LIKE THIS CHANGE ALOT. FUCKKKYESS.

Daniel was boned as hell. “You can say that to me anytime you want, man. I hope you do. Take it as seriously as you want to, all this MAGA stuff. I think it’s so much hotter when you really get into it. I want to get all the way into it too man. Fuck, man, I want to vote Trump.” Instinctively he made a FIST and pounded it to his meaty solid bare chest with a Thump and then GRIPPED his fist directly in Front of his face, knuckles facing upward and then PUMPED and His biceps and enlarging triceps BULGED up and out as he did this. He sneered. Daniel was so hard his dick ached and it started leaking.

Jared sneered back and repeated the FIST – CHEST – GRIP – PUMP motion. “Do it, dude. It makes me hard to hear that. I know I’d be rock hard at this point if I voted for Trump on November 3.”

“You should fucking do it, dude. I love you like this. So hot, bro.” Another FIST-CHEST-GRIP-PUMP.

“Fuck yeah it’s hot, bro.” FIST-CHEST-GRIP- PUMP

It wasn’t long after that until the guys were really pushing it with each other and inadvertently cementing their manhood and also exploring and cementing their newfound beliefs. Every day now in Jared’s room they suck and kiss each other for hours under the glaring light of his 57” TV and Fox News.

Jared got down on his knees and sucked Daniel’s cock for hours while Daniel streamed a litany of MAGA-related lines to him, told him everything he wanted to hear about being a real man, told him everything about what he was becoming. “So awesome you an me gettin HUGE, man. Doin ROIDS yeah. Goin from 14” guns to 15”, 16” and now goin on FUCKKKIN 17”. Gettin stronger too man. Pressin 320 bro fuck ya bro!

“And we’re findin our manhood bro. Jack Donovan helping us. Hah FUCK, realizing that we ARE the dominant ones. Realizing that all a along we’ve been de-masculated by SLUTS and FAGS, to keep us down. To keep us CONTROLLED. Well FUCK THAT, were gonna ASSERT our manhood back at them BIG TIME!

“Graham Allen’s podcast helping us see the TRUTH. Man I love hearing his sweet voice correcting me, teaching me, helping me understand, guiding us. Dear America FUCK YA.


Gonna embrace the WARRIOR MINDSET. Fuck it’s so good to be STRONG. Feels so good to be HARD. Feels so ghood to be TOUGH. FUCK FEELINGS! It’s Survival of the FITTEST.

And Jared would return this even more fervently. “YOU AND ME MAN GONNA GROW MAN GONNA GET PAYBACK FOR ALL THEIR LIBTARD LIES!”

It was hot as hell so the guys just kept doing it with each other. Their jackoffs and Sperm loads were getting INSANELY hot; like each jackoff was more intense than the last.

All this was so new to them. It totally contradicted anything they were before and they were saying things that they would have never previously believed. What was Verboten was hot. What was hot was ironic as it TURNED THEM INTO THE THING THEY WERE MAKING FUN OF. And so much more.

It was hypnotic. It was addictive. It was effective.

With Tucker Carlson on the screen ranting, and the heavy metal pounding, the dudes stood flexing for each other eye to eye and Jared said In a mock whiny voice, “We believe in open borders and pathways to citizenship.” He was stroking his shaft.

“FUCK THAT SHIT!” Daniel growled as he grabbed Jarods head and guided it to his pulsing aching hard cock. Jarod said nothing as he went HOG on Daniels phallus, it was Daniel who did all the taking…

“FUCK THE ILLEGALS, man. Fuck them coming over here, INFESTING our land. Taking our jobs, fuck that! Can’t believe we once supported them. And what did they ever do for us, man? NADA. Fuckin SHIT. So FUCK em. Fuck em all. Round em up. CAGE ‘EM! Take their fuckin kids away haha! FUCKKKN line em up man. Fuckkkn waste em all heh, goddamn gun ‘em down…. heh…..haha….yeah yeah yeah AWWWWWFUCKYEAHHHH!” And he shot a load of whitehot jizz into Jared’s mouth.

Jarod came home and pinned up a pro police back the blue flag next to their Trump 2020 and Don’t Tread on Me flags. He saluted the flag and turned to Daniel and said “we owe the police big time, dude. How many years as radical fuckups did we call them ‘pigs’ and supported anti police politics. We OWE them back man. We OWE them honor and RESPECT for AUTHORITY. “

Hearing this Daniel fell over himself to get his mouth around Jarods cock which expanded into an impossibly hard phallus as he went on about the police. “Yeah man I’ve hooked up with some cops on IG, man. Cool dudes, bro. Into authority, man. Into law and order. Structure. All of em strong, gym dudes like us. And catch this bro they are all pro Trump like us bro! So they deserve our respect. And guess who doesn’t respect them? Yeah right man the fuckin LIBTARDS. Fuckin weasels like we used to be man. Blue lives matter man! Go POLICE! Go ABSOLUTE ARBITRARY AUTHORITY!” And as he flexed he began to shoot a volley of cum into Daniel, “GO BLUE GO BLUE GO BLUE….police dudes are awesome. Man they got the POWER. The AUTHORITY…grrrRRR yeah yeah yeah man yeahhhhh powerrrrr…”

Daniel gurgled, as he savored Jarrods sweet jizz, “So HOT. Muscled conservative cops man, so awesome. Alt right cop bros, yeah man gotta support em however we can man. FUCKYA!”

Later, Daniel wanted to meet the cops too so they went on IG and looked up Officer Matthew from Houston, officer Mike from Eerie, officer Frank from Staten Island, and officer Dylan from Jacksonville. All welcomed him and he learned from them as Jarod had too. From reading their blogs daily, and listening to their news, He learned the importance of authority, of proper training, self protection, respect for America, the true value of family and keeping a community safe.

But every day it also got Daniel more pissed off. Pissed that his liberal weasel parents raised him like that. Pissed Off at the years of lies from the media. Angry that he missed already years of this superior conservative style living. Man he’d get so fucking pissed he’d go to his basement, grip gallon cans of paint and SQUEEEEEZE them until they burst open. It became the only way around the house he could work off steam, without hurting anybody. Because now, he was looking at those 2 other housemates with deep contempt, angry at their puny size, and their fagwuss liberal values.

Again Daniel was hanging watching Cops, and said, “Jared the thought of Matt gettin tough with some fucker….you know like whackin it around a little maybe, and I know that is so bad man. But man the thought of Matt getting a little brutal with the perps makes me real hard man. I dunno before man I’d have been disgusted By a badass cop but man…”

Jared smiled and again took Daniel by his increasingly larger and meatier delts and looked directly in his eyes, “Absolute. Arbitrary. Authority. Matt’s got the POWER. Fuckin perp had it comin!”

“Fuck yeah. Absolute. Arbitrary. Authority. Fuckkkin YEAHHHH!” And they both FISTED UP and air abused an imaginary perp, grunting as they rained imaginary blows on some law breakin asswipe.

In the meantime, Their new online cop friends introduced Jared to a bunch of alt right dudes on IG. And Jared read their blogs furiously. And he looked into their Websites and signed up for their emails and podcasts. Podcasts by Buck Sexton, Charlie Kirk and Graham Allen. Daniel signed up too and they would listen and read hungrily day after day. Soon they began to order merch from them too, from dudes like Warrior12, and Shredneck. One cop bro, Officer Jake from Tucson, told them about his buddies in the “three percenters.” Daniel listened but wasn’t really tuned into his politics – but he thought their III logo with the circle of stars was pretty cool. Jake was their age too, and he worked out, so they really connected.

The alt right cops also introduced GUNS into Jarrod and Daniels lives. Before they were members of their local anti gun reform movement. Now after a little help from their new bros they realized they were brainwashed by the liberal media and wrong all along. “2A! 2A! Guns now Guns forever!” Daniel shouted over the heavy metal with Jarrods mouth planted on his dick. They were wearing their new pro gun pro cop apparell they bought from a conservative blogger called Warrior 12. They drank Black Rifle coffee now. “My rights don’t end with your fuckin feelings!”

“Fuck those PARKLAND FUCKERS.” Said Daniel one night as they watched Tucker rant on them. “Pew pew pew!”

A little earlier that day they had a fantastic workout. Jared got some new gear from an new source – a cop in Houston named Officer Matt. The got his shipment and they pinned up a cycle and went to town. While watching Tucker and then Sean that night they both ejaculated, just by sitting there and not touching their cocks. They just listened, and repeated what the big guys were saying on TV. And they bucked their hips and shot their loads which almost hit the tv.

“Jarrod was staring at Tucker in the TV. “He’s one handsome dude for an old guy ain’t he? I hope I’m that handsome as Tucker when I’m his age.”

“Yeah man Sean too. Handsome fucker. And tells the TRUTH man.”

Sometimes Jared would come in and find Daniel with his iPods on listening intently, pants down, penis erect and oblivious to Jared’s presence as he’s listening to Graham Allen or one of the alt right podcasts. Daniel would get so into the content so much that his cock would twitch and jerk and spew his Jizz without a touch. Fuck that was so HOT to watch! The best part was what Daniel muttered as he shot his load, “Fuckin yaaahhh gonna pound those libtards to shit man. Gonna show em. Gonna FUCK EM UP GOOD.”

Daniel pinned up a Stars and Bars confederate flag with the others and strode around the house arms crossed and proud. “REBEL POWER!”

Their roommates thought they were acting crazy, which was kind of funny because they didn’t even see the sexual encounters or seem to catch on to any of it. As least Jared and Daniel hoped they didn’t, and part of them thought, fuck it, if those guys really saw any of it or figured it the fuck out, they were just libtards anyhow. Who really gives a fuck what libtards think? And it was hot to snicker about what losers their roommates were, even though they liked this living arrangement. It was hot to just casually chill around the house in American flag shorts or in a flag bandana or in Jared’s flag tank top from Urban Outfitters. If the roommates asked, they usually just tossed it off as being ironic or made a joke about it. “’Merica, bro,” Jared would say and laugh.

“Dude we gotta tell the fags and trans and queers to FUCK OFF. They are destroying what it means to be a real man.” And with that Daniel planted a huge kiss on Jared.

Yeah, you like this though, bro,” Jared would say, kissing back. “Real men would never admit to this stuff. If I were a fagtard you wouldn’t be into me.”

“Damn straight I wouldn’t,” Daniel said, squeezing his bro’s biceps. “Wouldn’t be into you if you were a wimp like you used to be, either.”

“Fuck yeah, bro. You used to be so fucking weak, too. Now look at you. Total MAGA bro. So fucking hot, man. You’re like the American Fag Wet Dream or some shit, fucking love it,” Jared said, slobbering all over him in a passionate kiss.


And Jared really did Love what Daniel was becoming – a handsome and packed muscled jockbro. In the 18 months now they had been up to this routine, Daniel had gotten big and thick – his pecs had become solid and while not hugely rounded like some dudes, they had grown into a powerfully tight pec shelf, and looked impenetrable, even bulletproof. His pecs were so solid that his nips pointed directly outward. Daniel’s arms had also popped and grown and gotten nicely vascular. His traps and neck had thickened and had filled in nicely also. But it was Daniel’s obliques that really got Jared’s attention. More than a trillion sit-ups had earned Daniel the hardest, shreddiest and strongest obliques Jared had ever seen and he’d get lost licking and kissing them – while Daniel laughed and growled like an animal. Daniel’s blonde hair remained fair across his body; and his soft blue eyes contrasted the muscle bull he was becoming. And as Jared licked and nuzzled his face into Daniel’s obliques he’d imagine those awesome blue eyes lighting up with delight. Jared loved making Daniel smile.

Not to mention what Jared himself was becoming – a literal muscle BEAST. Jarod always had a big head for his body – at least that is what he was told – but that changed rapidly, once the ROID cycles kicked in. He WIDENED, his back, neck, traps, shoulders – all just FLARED OUT, seemingly overnight. His Dark hair stood in relief to his growing arms, which rather than showing a network of vascularity like Daniel, his arms formed a nice thick heavy pipe vein that went from his wrist to his shoulder – and the more he FISTED UP the more it inflated. Everything on him just GREW. His CALVES, his GLUTES, his DELTS, his NECK — and all of it supported his huge GRINNIN handsome thickly bearded brown eyed head.

“Here you go bro, round 2.” Jared held up the syringe with a grin.

“Dude another so soon? We just pinned our first round two days ago.” Daniel was caught off guard and yet For some reason tho he was boning up.

“Nah bro. This new chem isnt every other week, it’s every other day. Comes from a Russian buddy of Officer Matt’s I met on IG. His names Constantin.”

“Cool!” Of course Daniel was not going question Jared on it because he trusts him emphatically.

So they pinned the new Russian ROIDS every other day and then soon every single day – and continued to work out twice a day along with eating 5000 calories. Every day they made sure to get 8 hours of sleep and also a good healthy dose of Graham Allen’s patriotic rant podcast “Dear America” and Fox News and w whole lotta man on man sex which became more physical with each passing brutish, animalistic jizz flying session.

One thing though that they didn’t do, a line they did not cross, despite a deeply developing bond that eclipses brotherly love, was anal fucking. Sure they tongue probed and fingered and used toys, but in an unspoken and hushed manner they avoided raw fucking eachother. They were both becoming alpha beasts and submitting to one another was not part of their reprogramming. Period.

The deep desire to fuck, however, was growing in both of them. And as it festered it fueled a pent up rage that began with the ROIDS and is now amplified by this new Chem. All the MAGA, the anger, the muscle the food the chem – plus now an insatiable desire to fuck – led to this night.

It started after their second workout of the day, Daniel was at the GNC buying some more supps when he was overwhelmed by an odor so bad it made him gag, and run outside to puke. He asked his buddy Lamar the store clerk to hold his order he would come back later but how he got so sick so quick from some weird smell was unknown to him. It happened a little later that day too, at the gas station, he got a whiff of that smell again but it wasn’t as bad as earlier. Yet this second time, the smell made him angry. Like out of the blue REAL PISSED OFF, and so amped and angry that he either needed to punch or crush something or fuck something or just BREAK something, cause some damage. He raced home.

When Daniel came home he found Jarods laptop open and saw some hot images on it, sexy guys all militarized and gun wielding. Cool looking dudes marching with flags and guns, looking like they are having a good time. Then he heard Jarod yell from the basement “You fuckin snoop! What You fuckin lookin at my computer for huh?”

Turns out, the other roommates were sneaking into his computer and looking at Jarods history and found some right wing and national socialist material. Mainly hot guys but other things too like weapon making instructions and manifestos.

Jarod had cornered them in the basement laundry room and they admitted to the spying – this is when Daniel came in. Jarod was so huge he dwarfed both roommates, Daniel needed to peer around him to see them both. They seemed terrified – and this gave both Jarod and Daniel a thrill. One of the roommates blurred out, in hopes of getting help from Daniel, “Jarods looking at Nazi shit on the web! He’s chatting with Fucking Nazis!”

The word Nazi hung in the air a moment but Daniel quickly responded, “Fuck you for invading his browser, asshole!” And with that he grabbed one of them and Jarod grabbed the other, and for a moment, Jarod and Daniel stood, and got eye contact, and immediately and non verbally agreed to rape the fuck out of these roommates NOW. These liberal fuckholes will become a solution to their ass fucking needs!

Remember though just 18 months ago these were two mild mannered liberal dudes themselves. Today still, They have no idea how to get aggressive, let alone rape, haha! this was new territory for them, but they both seemed to relish figuring it out.

Daniel was surprised both at how easy it was for him to detain his roommate just by grabbing its shoulder with one hand and squeezing, but also at how much noise the roommate made as he tightened his grip; the feeling of the goddamn fuckin squealin fagtard’s puny shoulder squish in his grip excited him. But the whining cunts squealing PISSED HIM OFF, it had to STOP, and instinctual rage kicked in and with his free hand Daniel grabbed the back of the roommates head and full throttle slammed its face into the top of the washing machine, denting the playable metal of the appliance and also causing the shit-tard’s nose to break and bleed. this moment was Daniel’s first ever violent act, a moment he would cherish if for nothing else but the sheer raw excitement of that first thrill of causing pain on weaker, less….able humans. Sort of like his first ever orgasm, you never forget it. Still gripping the hair on the back of the head he lifted the head and incredulously stared at the result and he got super HARD. He smiled at the bruised nose and the blood gushing from it, he gained satisfaction at its struggles to breathe. And as his cock reached peak wood, he realized with a wide grinning sneer that violence is a TURN ON.

But while slamming the libtard losers face to shit provided Daniel that unexpected thrill, it did not stop the cunt from squealing, in fact the squealing got worse. And So began Daniel’s instinct to repeat violence until satisfaction – but Even after slamming its face down onto the wash machine twice more …. well, yep, it was still screaming. In the next moment as the roommate lay prone and dazed over the washing machine, Daniel spotted and grabbed a role of duct tape from a shelf and quickly got to work wrapping it around its head and mouth, and THAT did the silencing trick pretty much, except for some muffled groans. Daniel was quiet as he wrapped the tape around the head a few times, tore it and tossed the roll to Jared who also had a screaming asswipe to contend with.

Jared managed to snag the tape mid air with one hand while he held his mewling and kicking victim with his other powerful arm. “Thanks man” he muttered as he wrapped his fist around the spindly neck, and realized he could make it quiet just by SQUEEZING. So he squeezed and gripped that neck closed with a powerful vice like single handed grip. Like Daniel, Jarod was surprised at how easy this was to render a guy so useless. He put the tape down and grabbed the neck with both his paws now and pressed his thumbs into the larynx and also began to lift it off the cement floor, it’s feet kicking but failing to gain traction. “So EASY!” He cried out to his buddy who smiled back. Jarod slowly lifted the punk a few inches off the floor and let it hang there – his powerful ROID engorged ARMS made this a relatively easy exercise.

Jarod stood wide and loosened his grip a little so the fagwuss could breath a little, and looked to Daniel. “Gonna Fuck It!” He grinned, awaiting approval.

“Fuck YEAHH!” Daniel approved, alright as he gripped the back of his asswipe’s head and slammed it again onto the washing machine, as if punctuating the decision to RAPE these loser liberal wussfucks. Funny, what a difference a year makes. Before these two were buddies, liberal mates they met in school and stayed on with afterward, they all got along real well. Now. Heh. All they are to Jarod and Daniel are fucktard inferior asswipe holes to pump with their raging, mammoth jizz pulsing newly conservative cocks.

Within moments both the dudes had their victims shorts torn off and their cocks rammed up their respective snowflake asses. Jared used no lube at all but immediately felt slickness from the bleeding his cock was causing in the libtards insides. That feeling along with that realization his cock has become a weapon – turned Jared into a crazed fuckmachine. Dangling his vic aloft by the neck with both hands, allowing some air into its lungs so it could respond to his vicious thrusts, Jarod was amped by the gurgling and choking sound his vic made as he squeezed, and the fear in its eyes….man this response FUELED the emerging sadist in him. His arms GOT PUMPED with the weight of the asswipe; his lats, his delts, bicep and triceps muscles felt so GOOD, seemingly getting stronger as the fucking and squeezing went on.

Across the room, Daniel was more practical. Sensing then need for lube, he first wiped his beefy hand into a pool of blood on the wash machine and slathered it on his steely pole. Then he rammed it in and AWWWFUCKYEAH, started whaling his victim with abandon. Daniel’s core was especially strong and it allowed him to PLOW his victims cunt with the force of a jackhammer. He felt like a MAN. He felt like a MACHINE. Finally! Years of fucking chicks as a femfag liberal never felt like this.

It didn’t take long for them to climax. Jarod’s plowtool started to erupt when he looked over and saw Daniel’s innocent and normally smiling face all contorted into an angry sneering sadistic visage – he was so AGGRESSIVE, and seeing this drove Jared into an insane long lasting climax, shooting loads of his white jizz into the bloody ass of his libtard victim.

And for his part, Daniel heard Jared ROAR in ecstasy and looked to him with a deep sense of respect – seeing Jarod all VICTORIOUS, all SUPERIOR – all CONQUERING – drove Daniel to a sudden and violent climax. POUND POUND POUND was the only sound to be heard as he RAMMED and PLOWED his victim into the cement wall next to the wash machine.

Then, silence for a moment. Except for the sobbing from the taped victims mouths.

And then in an instant they discarded their fucktoys and were wrapped into eachother, their arms holding one another in a mutually powerful embrace, their mouths attached in a long deep tongued kiss. Ignoring the moaning rape victims at their feet, the blood and cum on tbe cement floor, and the blood on their hands- ignoring all this, they kissed and kissed in an expression of true masculine love.

One of the victims started to move and get up off the floor so they both quickly got to work and duct taped the naked, bleeding and sobbing bodies of the roommates to the steel basement support poles. Jarod and Daniel stood there a moment and appreciated their handiwork. Daniel sneered, wound up and delivered a roundhouse punch to Jarod’s fucktoy, smacking it so hard it’s head slammed into the pole and it got knocked out cold. The feel of his fist as it mashed into the useless fucks face was gratifying; he sneered at his fist a moment.

“Weak, liberal asswuss.” Daniel muttered as he walked away toward the stairs. “C’mon bro.” He said to Jarod, “show me your websites.”

They were battered beyond recognition already. Limply yet securely duct taped to the basement support beams of the house they had lived in for two years, they could barely breathe it hurt so much. Both suffered multiple fractures already from their violent rape just a few minutes ago. Yeah they could barely move or breathe but they could sure as hell hear. From up the steps, thru an open basement door and a couple of feet across the hall, Daniel’s voice could be heard as Jarod initiated him into his new world. Jarod himself was soft spoken, but Daniel being deaf in his left ear from a firecracker accident as a kid, always spoke loudly.

Whaddaya got, bro. Lemme see this shit!

Oh fuck man. Oh man. Aw FUCK! Naw, keep showin me.

Oh yeah? Another cycle, today? Cool bruh. Here man you first……slammin that in dude yeahhh. Now me ok. …… (deep sigh) …. yeah. (Another deep sigh). Har gonna go animal at the gym tonight bruh. Heh yeah.

Wow man that’s fuckin badass shit Jar. Naw keep it comin. Oh hey that’s Officer Jake from Tucson, and….aw man aw WOW MAN. So he’s a goddamn Nazi!?

What? Whaddaya mean bro?

OK ok I’ll watch it. I’ll watch it. (Long pause with occasional grunt or cough or slight FUCKYAH)

That fuckin HOT, man. FuKKKIN HHOT! Look at em man. Uniforms and bats and shit. BRASS FUCKKKIN KNUCKLES. FUCKYESS! And look at those BOOTS, Jar. Fuckyes man GONNA FUCKKKIN STOMP!

Oh ok I’ll watch it man, watchin it. Heh.

Wow I guess I never thought Of it that way before. That’s very eye opening. They were just trying to make a safe place in tbe world for white folk. So MISUNDERSTOOD! The goddamn MEDIA. Again the FUCKIN LIBERALS! My fuckin parents man they’d freak out over this shit. Haha! But FUCK them man! They lied about republicans. And Trump! And now this too! All this time I’ve been lied to, so PISSED NOW SO GODDAMN PISSED, FUCK! FUCK! Those LIBERAL CUNTTARDS! FUCKKK!

(Something [Daniels coiled fist] hits something [the wall] multiple times and a loud crash involving glass occurs, and Jared can be heard shouting “SWEEET!” And “FUCKYAH!” As the commotion occurred. In the end 2 fist holes thru the plaster And a destroyed shelving unit).

SEIG HEIL, MAN. Fuck YESS! SEIG HEIL! (The. Together with Jarod). SEIG HEIL! SEIG HEIL!

And that symbol man. Well goddamn I used to be scared of swatikas and now bro, now I want one INKED right here man FUCKYA!

Check out those badass fuckers Jar! We’re gonna be like em man. We are gonna HATE like them.

Fuckkin HATE, man. Yah man I fuckkkn HATE now. YEAH MAN IM FEEEEEELIN THAT HHATE. Lettin that HATE FLOW. YEAHHHH.

Har look at us bro, we are gonna be BETTER than them man. We’re gonna HATE MORE THAN THEM. We are gonna GET BIGGER THAN THEM HA!

We’re gonna be MUSCLE Nazis Jar!

No? Oh! Ok then. Ooohhhh. FASCISTS. (Pause).





And Jar you and me and our Cop Bro Jake. Yeah? Dylan too? FUCKYA and Mike? SWEET! Rob and Matt too. Are they slammin Bollt too? NIIIIICE. Now let me see the rest of this shit bro. LAY IT ON ME MAN.

Another needle! That’s three today Jar. Ok man whatever you say bro. (Pause). Here man.

WP, man. (Sound of another High five) Hey WP OFFICER JAKE! GO WHITE POWER! HAR! SEIG HEIL BROS!


Aw MAN you guys feelin this?! That third needle bros it’s hittin me somethin FIERCE. You too!?! COOL! FUCKKKYESS BROS GOTTA FUCK SOMETHIN! Gotta FUCKKK SOMETHIN NOW! DONT CARE DONT CARE GOTTA FUCK GOTTA FUCK!

And in tbe next moment the two ROIDED and newly minted hate brothers came down the basement stairs like locomotives, and in another moment both of their previous roommates were untaped from the support beams and once again being brutally violated by Daniel’s and Jarod’s mammoth engorged and ROIDED cocks. Jarrod once again held his captive aloft with both paws gripping at the neck . And Daniel was simply humping his victim face first into the cement basement wall.

POUND POIND POUND, was heard in the room as Daniel fucked with abandon.



“What the?” Daniel muttered, gritting his teeth.

POUNNNNNNDDDDKKKKRRRUCKKKK. “Heh. Breakin it’s bones Jar!”



POUNDKKKRRRUCK. Silence, except for Daniel’s heavy breathing.


Daniel was so in the throes of his own hyperactive roided orgasmic buildup that he did not notice his fuck partner was now dead, having been crushed to death by Daniel’s rage fueled powerful core barrel onslaught. The realization however pushed Daniel to a new level of insanity. Still edging his load with his cock firmly planted inside his Vic, Daniel was sweating and shaking with excitement and looked to Jared, wild eyed, mouth agape. “Jar, it’s dead bro. I fuckkkn, I fuckkkn KILLED it!”

Across the basement Jared looked at his buddy in awe. The image of Daniel, his hard muscled body sweating in the indirect light, and his face – such a boyish look as though he just got his first hit in softball, or just had his first kiss, the combined look of wonder and victory as he said “I fuckkkn killed it.” All this drove Jared as he continued to pound his own libtard victim while choking it. But Jarod was no pushover and needed to be equal to his bro. My turn, he thought as his cock grew and hardened.

Jarod released his grip from the neck, and in the moment his victim gasped for air, he planted both his paws around its head, gripped his fingers real tight into the libfucks sweaty hair, grinned and said to Daniel “Check this out bro!”

Jared first spat in the vics face and grinned and said “know what fuckkka, I’m not a Nazi. I’m a neo Nazi!” making sure the last thing the loser saw was his handsome angry sneering face, and then with a savage yet controlled movement WRENCHED the head in a 180 degree turn thereby completely snapping the vertebrae of the neck and destroying the spinal cord. The sound of cracking bone filled the room and it caused Daniel’s cock to become exponentially harder and Jarod’s cock to thicken I to a girth not before imagined. Jarod gritted his teeth, repositioned his paws and with a second brutal and inhuman movement twisted the head another 180 degrees so the spittle laced face was again facing him. More crinkling and crackling of nine filled the room and then, total silence except gasps of “oh fuckkkyah” from Jarod. Then complete silence, a moment.

And Daniel simply stared in awe, his cock so rigid it kinda hurt. But he managed to chuckle a little and say “neo Nazi. Fuck yeah.”

Jarod chuckled back. “Damn Right Bro.” Jarod’s cock was similarly painful. They both needed release NOW.

So, both newly minted hatecriminals began to POWERHUMP their dead victims. For both, the fact that they had a dead corpse on their dick was not the problem, it was that they needed to BLOW THEIR LOADS NOW. So they worked up their loads; the sound from the basement might have resembled fighter jets taking off from a carrier: The pure sound of FUCKKKPOWER as they worked their cocks into rigid weapons of destruction and then UNLOADED their partially altered DNA into their victims. They screamed in ecstasy. They stomped their work-booted feet causing their balls to churn and unload even more cum into their victims destroyed holes. From anywhere in the house could be heard Inhuman gutteral sounds. Athletic breathing. Boots scraping on the cement floor. The occasional “Fuuuuuuckkk” and growl.

Then quiet. Complete silence a moment.

Then in an instant, both men dropped their useless victims to the floor and came into a long, passionate embrace. Their mouths joining and not releasing. Their tongues reaching back, hands gripping eachothers ass. Jarod and Daniel together. A state of pure and unrivaled love.

Daniel pried away from Jared’s lips, and stared his soft blue eyes into Jared’s deep browns, and sneered “I just killed a guy and I don’t fuckin care.”

Jared paused, smiled, shook his head slightly, “me neither.” They both immediately got raging hard, again.

Another pause and then BOOM, their faces came together and their tongues went insane inside their mouths. Then moments later they were showering, cleaning up their bodies and especially their dicks. And then back in their bedroom, the TV blaring America1, and heavy metal from Harms Way cranked, they chowed eachothers cocks so hard and long. Their bodies became jizz producing machines. Over and over they came and would be ready to shoot a fresh load again just moments later.

“Goddamn fascist killer muscle stud,” Jarrod huffed out as he shot a load into Daniel’s mouth, “so goddamn strong, watchin you hump it to death, yeahhhh….aw yeah Daniel you’ve become such a MAN.”

“Superhuman killer stud bro,” Daniel purred into Jarrods ear as he kissed his neck. “Watchin you twist that head. Watchin you turn from a normal weak dude into a brutal killer. Jarod that was sweet, just soooo sweet, you Total fuckin man.”

Finally, and as the sun began to rise, they spent out completely and both fell into a deep recuperative slumber on their comfortable mattress. The media was now off and a soft dawn summer breeze was blowing thru the window.

Some time later….


The sound of a beefy, leather clad FIST pounding on tbe front door.


In a split second they were startled out of bed by the commotion, and Jarod sprung up, threw on a pair of workout shorts from the floor, ran to and opened the front door. Standing there, breathing heavy with anticipation was Officer Jack of the local police. His cruiser was parked on the roadside behind him, lights not on.

For a brief moment the two men quickly evaluated eachother – and then Jarod let the cop inside. Daniel had slid on a pair of jeans and was there at the door as well, panicking internally but speechless as he too took in the sight that was Officer Jack.

The cop was Fully uniformed, except for his cap. He wore a pair of Black Danner tactical boots with the pant cuffs tucked in. Tall, easily 6’ 4”, the cop was lean with muscle but not bulging. His short sleeved uniform revealed inked, athletic arms that, Jarod noticed, when he instinctively reached for his firearm upon entering, his muscles expanded the sleeve just a little. Most noticeable with Jack was his bright fire red hair, which stood out despite being buzzed very short and cropped atop his side-shaved head. The cop sported emerald green eyes, and a beard of bright red scruff, neatly trimmed. Officer Jack was fully equipped, his belt and best heavy with gear including cuffs, a taser, ammo, and a patrol baton. His badge and a couple of pens gleamed from his chest pocket, and his service revolver hung at his hip. No body cameras here, no sir. But plenty of cop attitude; upon entry he was as serious as could be.

The policer quickly surveilled the room and sneered at Jarod, and then approached him, inquisitively, looking at him directly in the eyes. “I just did my third dose, heh. Feel awesome.” He nodded and casually gripped both his fists together briefly, still looking at Jarod. “So, where’s the dead fucktards, bro?” He licked his lips and grinned widely, eyes alight. Just then Daniel noticed he was sweating hard at his pits, his uniform Significantly darker there; Daniel also sensed an energy coming from the cop, like an electric current emitting from him. And man, he smelled so GOOD. Daniel smelled leather, and musk, a little Old Spice, and yeah, fine pot. To Daniel, The cop smelled like a gorgeous fall day.

“Downstairs, bro.” Jarod smiled at him, while Daniel looked on in complete bewilderment.

“Goddamn gotta see this, bro! Where’s the -“ he started toward the hallway but immediately halted and looked back at the pair of shirtless dudes, these newly minted killers with their hair in bed head state, and thus caused the cop to laugh, giggle actually. He was just grinning so wide when he suddenly stood at attention, gripped his fists and crossed his arms at the mid-forearm, and grunted and grinned to Jarod, “Brother!”

Jarod returned the Gesture, “Brother,” he repeated louder than the cop. Daniel stood awkward a brief moment, unsure if he was supposed to follow suit, but the cop continued, speaking to both.

Jack then fistbumped them both, and said “Name’s Jack but my brothers call me Red.“. They made quick introductions and abruptly Red turned for the basement doorway, “Gotta see this shit! Fuck I just gotta see it!” And he was off, bounding down the stairs.

Daniel was completely panicked, a cop was about to find their first victims, and he must have looked panicked also cuz Jarod grabbed his shoulder and said “Its ok man I texted Constantin when you were in the shower and updated him.”

“What? Who? Constantin from Russia? Knows the police?”

Jarod looked at Daniel and realized there is still a lot he does not know. “Dude. Let it play out OK, It’s gonna be OK man!” And just then Red’s voice can be heard from the basement.

“Aw FUCK! Aw GODDAMN FUCK!” And then Red spent a moment laughing maniacally.

When they got down there, they found Red crouched down over Daniel’s victim. He had his service flashlight aimed at the vic’s violated hole, the body clearly bruised from the relentless pounding. Nodding, and licking his lips, Red muttered “beautiful. Violent. Love it.” He then moved over to Jarod’s victim, which was in the light coming thru a basement window, so Red slipper the flashlight back into its holster. He picked up the victim off the floor from its tee shirt collar, and its head hung unnaturally. Red saw this and grabbed the head with his other hand and twisted it up and down and sideways all while simply giggling and sneering. “Wow man this neck is destroyed.” He looked up at the men, “who did this!?”

Jarod grinned and nodded, and raised his hand quickly. Red grinned back, “Niiiiice.” He looked back at the head, at the face and stared at it a moment and then with a THUD hammered the body and the head back to the cement floor, then in a fit of rage or bloodlust or effects from that third dose he took, he stood back, wound up and KICKED the head so hard it lifted the upper body into the air momentarily, it was a brutal, powerful kick from a cop TRAINED to kick. “Aw man this is gonna be so unimaginably sweet!” He turned to the guys, “stay right there, ya hear me!?” He started up the stairs, but stopped abruptly and pivoted back to them and growled “don’t move dudes this is gonna be EPIC!” He grinned, sneered and smirked all at the same time and gave a hearty insane laugh as he turned and went back up the stairs; after a moment they heard the front door open, but not close – he was gong to his patrol car.

In the fleeting moment Red was outside, Jarod said to Daniel, “dude I got a lot to explain.” He put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder, “I shoulda told you by now.”

But Daniel was suddenly distracted by that smell again, the one from the GNC store and the gas station. It got progressively worse, and suddenly Daniel got so sick from it he ran back and puked behind the oil tank. “Aw shit man what is that smell dude!?!”

Jarod was perplexed, “what smell bro? I don’t smell anything, dude are you ok?”

“Jar, it’s so bad!” was all Daniel could manage before the commotion that was Red reappeared at the top of the stairs.

“Who do we have here, boys?” Red huffed. He was holding a man, cuffed, and his mouth taped shit. The man was black, middle aged and obviously destitute. Red gripped him and walked him down the stairs and threw him to the floor where he lay motionless, face down, but moaning and cowing from behind his duct taped mouth.

Upon sight of this, Daniel gagged and ran again to the oil tank to puke.

Red noticed this and in passing said “Aha, Constantine told me about him. Sure enough he can smell a nigger 20 or more feet away, goddamn that’s a hell of a talent! We’ve got ourselves a pure Aryan! Heh, how cool is that!”

Daniel and Jarod stood silent, except for Daniel’s heavy breathing as he recovered from puking. “Smells going away now.”

“Right,” said Red, “you’ll get used to it. That’s what Con says anyways. I’ll never know, I’m not pure.” He looks to Jarod, “Yet!” And then bellowed a deep satisfying laugh.

At this point, Red stood on the last step, just above the captive, hands on his hips he nodded to the bound figure on the floor as he addressed his new buddies. “Fucker broke the law. Sleepin in the park before dawn, tsk tsk tsk,” he sneered, “so I apprehended him, and found him GUILTY, and now it’s time for his punishment. How best to correct this perv before it commits another crime?”

Red stepped onto the cement floor and over to the perp, and stood over it, legs powerfully askew, and drew his firearm. He grinned at the guys, “Lets present the facts.” He pointed the gun directly downward at the captive, looked down at it and said clearly, “Been on the force for 8 years. When I first joined I wanted to be the best cop, a community cop, I wanted to humanize the badge. But niggers like this made it all go wrong.”

And he pulled the trigger and shot the captive at close range in the lower back.


He fired so close the bound and gagged body lurched off the floor briefly. Daniel and Jarod both jumped at the sound of the gunfire but it also aroused them. It aroused Red too, as he stuck his free hand down his uniform pants and grabbed at his cock as he continued …

“I tried bros. I tried to be a cop for everybody but naw, that didn’t last long. Cuz of asswipes like this coon. Always wanting shit. Hands out all the time, complaining all the time. Fuck that!”


And another shot directly into the back of the victim, same impact on the body and the guys – except this time they both stuck their hands into their pants and began to reflexively rub at their cocks.

“One day I was responding to a call at a nigger owned jewelry store. Ended in gunfire and the store owner shot ME. Said he hated cops and perps. I lost a lot of blood that day and I lost my conscience too bros.”


“That was 5 years ago. Been biding my time ever since. Tolerating these degenerate fucks. “


“One day I met Robbie, and then Dylan. And then Constantine and well, here we are!”


Red Stared at the victim and the bloody gunshots, and said “They did this to me. Now they’re gonna pay.” He looked up to the guys, “how many shots so far?”

“Five,” Jarod huffed out, holding his raging hardon.


“There. Seven shots to the back.” And with that he moved around the victim and crouched down to inspect it; he rearranged it a little and then suddenly pounced on it, fitting his knee into the nape of the neck and pressing down. “Here we go boys!”

The sound of flesh scraping into the cement floor was palpable as Red continued his monologue. “My first time hasslin a nigger, aw man…” he unzipped his pants and hauled out his cock, which Daniel noticed was slick with precum; his pants crotch was also darkened, he’d been precummjng a while now. He stroked his shaft as he continued to press his knee on the neck and tell his story. “They didn’t expect it cuz I was always nice but fuck that. Not this time man. This time I made it pay. Made it squirm. Made it piss its pants. Made sure it will never jaywalk again. Man it was so easy too all I ever needed was the badge and the pistol. Made it bleet like a goat hah. Loved it. And wanted more and more of that and now, I’m ready man.”

He pressed his knee tighter to the ground. The victim made a gurgling sound. Red grinned “I can’t breathe!” He mocked in a high pitched voice and then laughed maniacally.

Jarod and Daniel grinned and continued to grab onto their cocks at this glorious sight. “Yeah, man.” Daniel said lightly and Jarod laughed heartily.

Red looked up at them and grinned. “My turn!”

He let go of his now purple engorged cock and it was pointed out toward the boys. Red arched his back up straight, lifted his inked ripped arms up into a brave and bright double bi FLEXXX, and JAMMED his knee down onto the neck and crushed it with a loud and abrupt SNAP! And then he shot a mammoth white silky load from his cock, still flexing the double bi, without touching the manweapon that his cock has now become.

Red gritted his teeth. “FUCKKKYAHH”

Daniel and Jarod, as if on cue, approached the dead coon and the cop. Both their cocks were enforced and ready to shoot, and within moments they too were unloading their spiked jizz on Red’s victim.

All three men, physically raging on 3 doses of Constantine’s ROIDS. And now also mentally aligning with what they are turning into.

An hour later on a zoom they would learn about the world that Jarod stumbled into the night he first met Officer Matthew online. It started with advice on building muscle and quickly elevated to an introduction to Constantine and the new Roid called Sodium Naziate. The street name is boLLt.

Unbeknownst to Jarod at the time, boLLt is a designer Roid that combines a super enhanced form of Tren with a chemical that targets a mans DNA structure. The chem, who’s origin is still unknown, is designed to target the pure white or Aryan DNA in a man and enhance it, while wiping out other regional DNA that may also be present . The result is boLLt transforms a guy into a pure Aryan. And due to the enhanced Tren, a strong and aggressive Aryan.

It is Constantine’s goal to distribute boLLt to American cops, thinking they would embrace this concept quickly and eagerly, and he was correct. Within months, cops and law enforcement dudes all over the US were hooking themselves up with Matthew, and soon a network of cops became hooked on boLLt, and also suppliers to the newbies. it was soon discovered that more conservative, gun loving cops were better “influencers” and thus they took leadership in the program. The ultimate goal is to create an army of changed US cops to someday take over the US from within. A plan conceived by Constantine and his boss, Vladimir Putin.

Not every cop is interested however. So they need to recruit. And that is when Jarod stumbled into this. Jarod and Daniel would be the first civilian users of boLLt. Looks like a great success!

For their part, Jarod and Daniel have been instructed to attend the local police academy and become cops themselves. Upon graduation, they were instructed to meet the Sheriff of Rigler County, who has plenty of openings on his force for newly trained and newly minted Aryan HHATECOPS.

To be continued……

One thought on “BOLLT

  1. Bro! This story is so FUKKKN HHOT Brother! Totally got off on the new ending of J and D wasting their old roommates and going full Fascist! So Fukkkn hhot bro! Also really like the description of the kills and Red’s complete destruction of the nogger bro! Pumped the whole time reading this. You kinda don’t need the first part in a way. You could condense it down a lot and not lose any of its power! So FUKKEN GOOD THO! How do I get a hold of some Bollt?


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