Perfect Pair

They started out as good honest rookie cops. Hard to tell now, but it’s the honest truth about Steve and Jason.

Back in 2014 they attended the academy at the same time, and were paired up as partners on the ropes course, and it took hold from there. They swapped roommates and began messing around like all young, athletic men end up messing around. Steve and Jas formed a bond though that went beyond simple fuckbuddies.

After graduating they swore their oaths and joined the Mansfield PD as rookies. For the first year they both rode along with senior patrol officers but soon after they were paired up again as patrol partners. That was Spring 2016, when this story gets….interesting.

“What the fucks that?” Jas said as Steve slammed a couple of vials and needles on their kitchen table. Smiling, Steve replies “our future.”

On that day, they began pinning ROIDS. And with each dose, they grew angrier.

They worked out more and more. Sex became violent, messy and loud. Heh.

Conversations at the station house and at the gym became less about safety and workouts and more about Trump and MAGA. And 2A, and a new threat called “ANTIFA.” And with each convo they got a little angrier.

They worked out more and more and started pinning ROIDS to get bigger, as protection against the enemy. Sex became a FREAKY MESSY 2x per day experience.

Then right before the 2016 election, Trump had a rally in the nearby city. They attended and were blown away by the BROTHERHOOD there; the comeraderie. It was a blast! And it also really fueled their anger.

That night they truly became radicalized. Blinded maybe. But that night they swore an oath to themselves that they would support TRUMP abd MAGA to the death if necessary and anyone who opposes them are the ENEMY.

Trump won. And within the first year of his term, Steve and Jason had agreed that they had the license and jurisdiction to use their authority as police officers in a manner more suited to their needs. And by 2018 they needed to send a message. And that message was white sympathizers with BLM and ANTIFA were the ENEMY, and they’re gonna PAY.

And that night, in 2018, they took their first dose of boLLt. A new chem ROID from Russia that was making its way around the police gyms.

Almost immediately they grew in size and strength. And their anger became exponentially magnified. With each dose their workouts became INSANE GRUNTING POWERMATCHES. Their patrols became ENEMY HUNTING RECONNAISSANCE, and their sex became ANIMAL. They abused the gym, the nameless vagrants on their patrol and their own superhuman bodies.

Their anger took over completely after they arrested a pair of white BLM protesters. On the way to the station they made a detour to the local waste recycling plant. And there, they beat up, tortured and finally killed the two. And then they celebrated by raising the American flag and fucking eachother afterward.

They were now MAGA MURDERCOPS. And they are recruiting backups.

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